A daytime trip to Gardner's Village

Clinic visit... It's getting more fun

I got a new do-rag at the hospital

Here are some pictures of the package we received from the Young Women in Las Vegas. The girls LOVED it all!


John and Linda Hanks said...

How cool is that. It's humbling to see such a spirit of giving and receiving. Both are an example for us all.

Huenu said...

What great pictures, I loved to see you out and about!! I'm missing all of you so much, can't wait to be get up there. Hugs, Aunt Huenu.

Ilaria said...

What a BEAUTIFUL family!!! We miss you guys!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I think the beauty competitions of the world better look out with the four of you!!It is wonderful to see your truly beautiful smiles!! Thanks to all. :) Tons of love & hugs
Aunt Nancy

todd and angie purvis said...

Hi Guys
It looks like everyone is doing well,Taylor you look so nice ,we miss you lots
Daddy and Angela
Scott and Tige

Sole said...

I love the pictures! Everyone looks so cute! It's nice to see all those smiles. I miss you guys so much! Thanksgiving just wasn't the same without you this year. It was way too quiet:)