Just as we had hoped for, Brinley's first few days have not been bad. Aside from a few minor issues, she says her knees hurt every now and then, and her jaw a couple of times, she seems to be feeling okay. We kind of figured the steroids would take a week or so to kick in full force, and she did have an hour long kicking and screaming tantrum on Friday over lunch, that was interesting. We just have to try REALLY hard to not make her mad and things go smoother. But if she gets mad, it's like the Hulk. I need to teach her how to say "You don't want to see me angry!"

On Friday I talked to Jade about how Brinley has to take some medicine for her cancer that makes her really mean, and if Brinley is mean to her, it's because she has to take the yucky medicine and she doesn't mean it. Jade was so sweet, she kept singing Brinley songs during her tantrums, the whole time while Brinley was screaming NO NO NO at her. She didn't give up, she sang in her soft little voice to her sister and tried so hard to make her happy. It was so sweet. She would try to find toys for her, or ask her to play, anything she could think of. Of course none of it worked, but it sure made me happy to see her being so sweet to her sister.

Today she went outside with David and the girls and played in the snow. She had fun. By the end of the day she was starting to look a little sick to me, and did a few dry heaves, but never threw up, so I don't think she was feeling great, but she seemed in good spirits for the most part. We had my brother JD's family over for pizza and she had some fun.

She is sleeping all night still, and if it can stay like this that would be nice. I can handle the temper tantrums and wacky eating if she is sleeping. Three days down, 57 to go!


John Hanks said...

So glad it went better than expected. Hang in there. We pray for you daily. Mom and Dad

John Hanks said...

From Great Grandma Hanks, who is visiting with us in Las Vegas this week: "My heart just goes out to little Brinley. Thank heavens for the blog. John read me these last two and Lori reads them to me on the phone when I'm home. My heart hurts for you and most of the time it makes me cry. But it's very heartwarming to see your faith and how you're handling all this. Keep the faith. My prayers are always with you." Great Grandma Hanks