Brinley went in for her chemo today. It was quite uneventful. Her counts were actually much higher than we expected. Her ANC was 1000, so she is still ok to be out and about for now. I know they drop the most 10 days or so after chemo, so that would be in the next couple days. It was a simple visit today, just one chemo drug, Ara-C. She'll get that for the next four days in a row, the home health nurse will give it to her. Then she has an oral drug, 6-TG, that she takes for the next week. As usual, it took way longer than it should have, we were there for 3 hours to do 30 minutes worth of stuff, but so it goes. It is always draining going to clinic, it makes for a tiring day.

We get a three week break now! She will need time to recover before we start MAINTENANCE! So the next few weeks will be a break from chemo and praying she doesn't get a fever and have another hospital stay. As long as she stays healthy and doesn't get any infections, I expect this next 3 weeks will be pretty good. I hate to speak too would be nice to cruise through the rest of Delayed Intensification.


Stacy said...

Wow that sounds good to me. I hope the next few weeks go well. So she will be going into maintence right when the baby is coming right?

Kristin said...

She will start maintenance on March 11 if her counts are good, and the baby is due March 27. Good timing, huh??!!

John Hanks said...

Some above is watching over you. The small gifts of time and peace loom large, don't they? It's good to hear things going well.