For our friends and family waiting for an update on Mylee, here goes:

The good news:
She is looking so much better today than yesterday. She has been awake more, we have heard louder crying, which actually is a good thing right now, and she has nursed 3 times. That is great! She has made eye contact a lot today, and seems to be very alert. All her vitals look good, except for an occasional low blood pressure and a couple of fevers that went away pretty quickly. The doctor said everything looks fine, she looks great, the only problem is the bloodwork. So when I look at her, she appears very healthy and that makes me feel like she is improving and will be just fine. One thing I've learned with Brinley is that so much can be told by how they look.

The bad news:
Her bloodwork is not looking any better. Her white blood count is still indicating an infection and there is another test, the name escapes me, that also shows elevated numbers which points to an infection as well. There is a possiblity that it is group B strep, since I tested positive (didn't know that until I got in for delivery!!) and there was only time for one quick dose of penicillin before delivery, and they like to get in two. Had I known, I would have gotten here sooner, but it still would not have been in time for both doses, everything just went too fast and they have to give them 4 hours apart. So it really wouldn't have made a big difference. The culture will definately tell us if it is group B strep. They still have to keep her in the nursery the entire time, and do not like me to hold her very often because they want her under the warmer. It has been hard, I am so used to having my babies right next to me and holding them whenever I please.
So, bottom line, she will get antibiotics regardless of the culture until her white blood count looks better. If the culture comes back with no growth, he said to plan on 5-7 more days of IV antibiotics in the hospital. If there is growth, they will need her here at least 10 days. Infections can be very serious at this young of an age. I get released tomorrow and I am not looking forward to going home without my baby. The doctor said sometimes if they are not too busy they will let you do a "hotel stay" after you are released so you can stay with your baby. I am hoping they are not too busy and I can do that so I can stay here with her. It doesn't feel right to have to go home alone.

She is the most precious thing I have ever seen, aside from my other 3 when they were born. There is something about a new baby, brand new to the world. It is such a special time for us.


Kandice said...

We hope she gets feeling better soon so you can take her home. She is beautiful and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her hair, so adorable!! Congratulations on such a beautiful little girl!! How are your girls reacting to her?

Stacy said...

Krisitn - will your heart handle all this stress? I just wish I could take some of your pain and stress and have it as my own. Your little Mylee is so precious. I love the name by the way. I am so glad Linda is there to help you guys. And I hope you get to stay with Mylee at the hospital. We would love to come up and see you guys and the new Mylee- but let us know when is good. We love you all lots.

Matt & Jen Hanks said...

I hope that little Mylee gets better soon! She is so precious! I wish that we could be up there to help you guys out! If we can do anything on our end besides thoughts and prayers, let us know! We love all of you guys!

Anonymous said...

Make sure you get docs to save her cord blood , it is rich with life saving stem cells!.You can bank it. it can save her life if she ever gets cancer, or it might even be a good match for Brinley.

Jen said...

Congrats. I perfectly understand what you're going through as I had to leave my baby in the hospital for a week last year when he was born. You'll get through it.Lots of crying, but you get through it. Hope everything goes okay and you can take her home in a week.

anonymous said...

Mylee is BEAUTIFUL! (and I love her name!) It's always so exciting to bring new life into this world. I am still praying for you all!