Brinley is busy recovering from the surgery. It still hurts quite a bit and she is on oxycodone and sometimes asks for it well before it is due again. She finally braved walking late yesterday and was quite proud of herself. In a VERY high pitched, excited voice, she yelled "LOOK Daddy, I'm WALKING!" Typing it just doesn't do it justice. It was quite cute.

She has been grouchy and cries a lot, we are not sure if it is from the steroids or the pain from surgery. Probably both. She got hit twice this time, with chemo and a surgery, so we are all feeling bad for her. The first night I let her sleep with me because she was running a low temp and I was nervous it would go up. I don't think she moved all night. She just slept on her back and didn't budge so it wouldn't hurt. She just cried and cried last night and I finally convinced her to let me rock her and she was OUT within seconds. She slept until almost 11:00 today, so I think her little body was totally wiped out. When I look at her and see all her battle wounds it makes me so sad. The central line scar, the picc line, the lumbar puncture, the tiny scar on her neck from the original surgery (to put in the central line), the new cut in her neck and the new port surgery, the two little scars on her back from her bone marrow biopsy's. It is one of those times you just wonder why such a little body has to go through it all. She looks up at me with her big brown sad eyes and says "my bumpie is hurting!" (She started calling her port her "bumpie" because it sticks out so far) I am really hoping it will be healed before we have to access it.

All in all, she is doing well considering. No problems, just needs time to heal. We got up and had a lovely start to steroid week, with her favorite steroid food, eggs, bacon and toast. It's not very often our family gets to eat breakfast together, so it was a treat. And Brinley woke up so happy to see that breakfast waiting for her! David, Taylor and I did our tradition of late, friday night cleaning. Sounds fun, huh? So the house is nice and clean and I am happy because I got up early and got grocery shopping done, so we are ready for Father's Day dinner tomorrow! It should be a good weekend if we can keep the steroids and pain under control.


Stacy said...

I just feel for that sweet girl. I can totally see her yelling in that high pitched voice for her daddy to see her. She is such an angel. I am so glad that guys are close so we can see you all much more than we would if you still lived in Vegas. We love you and hope your Father's day tomorrow is wonderful. David is a great dad! Love you all!

Anonymous said...

What a little trooper she is. It sounds like this one kind of knocked her down. At least you know you won't be going through all of this each month. With the port in, hopefully it will make her life a little easier once it heals. Give her a hug for me. (a gentle hug)