I know I am not normally quick with my updates, but I am so tired, and I didn't want everyone to think we were still in a state of misery! Things have calmed down since my last post, and all is well for the time being. Brinley had to get neupogen shots for a few days, given by Daddy dearest (mommy dearest flat out refused to be the shot giver) and she was not happy about it. But when they checked her counts yesterday they were THROUGH THE ROOF! The nurse had to prepare me before telling me her white blood count. Her ANC is 12,000! Just so you know, a normal person's is about 5,000, and Brinley's with the chemo should be about 1500. Soooo, she could fight off just about anything right now. Of course they don't like to see counts that high because they assume the cancer cells mimic the white cells, and we certainly don't want a relapse, which is why they only do those shots when they feel it is truly necessary.

They will check her again on Thursday to see how her body does making the cells on it's own without the neupogen. The nurse said they may want to send us with the shots for DisneyWorld so she is not walking around neutropenic. We will see on Thursday what her bone marrow is doing. Thanks for checking in and for all your prayers and words of encouragement. We really do need and appreciate it so very much.


Lidia said...

I'm permanently praying asking Heavenly Father protect to you all, specially BrinBrin. You are in my mind and my heart always, in the Day and in the night. I know how you fill, I had lived that experience several years ago. I Know you are blessed and again and again I'm askin Heaven for help and blessing for you my beloved children. I love you. Grandpa David.