Brinley's bone scan went great today. She was injected with the dye, then we waited around for 2 hours (thank goodness for portable DVD players), went back and did the scan. We weren't sure if we should sedate her or not, so we decided to first try without sedation since she doesn't like "sleepy medicine". She did amazing, she just lay there perfectly still for about 40 minutes. She started to cry at the very end, but still remained still enough to get the second part of the bone scan (3-D of her pelvis). The radiologist immediately looked at the scan, and ordered a chest x-ray because he saw some inflammation in her chest area. We thought it might land her in-patient with pneumonia or something, but turned out to be just fine. He also gave the results right away, that he didn't see anything unusual on the scan. So after a long day, we came home and had hot dogs for dinner :) The laundry fairy had visited (ahem, Aunt Nancy) and we were glad to be home. I am in my PJ's at 7:30 and bedtime cannot come soon enough.

Dr. Druzgal called us soon after to discuss our next step. We are going to start neurontin and see if her pain is a result of neuropathy. There is no way to test for neuropathy, so we just have to try the medicine and test it that way. I am hoping this will work, this is all just too much for her. It takes a few weeks to build up, so we are going to start it right away. Thank you so much for your continued prayers, we are having a hard time and really appreciate them!!!!!


Ashley said...

What a brave girl! Not to compare or anything but maybe give some hope: When I had bells palsy last year it hurt so bad I wanted to rip my face off! The lortab didn't do anything but make me sick so they put me on neurontin. Miracle drug! It didn't make me loopy or nauseous and took the pain away. I'm sure it's different with neuropathies but here's hoping!

Anonymous said...

i wish all the best for your little brave girl!i am following your story!give her a big hug from sophie from greece.

Sydney said...

Aww! Poor little Brin:( But she is very brave and in my prayers! I would have been screaming and crying!