This is Mylee with the IV in her head :(

It's not a giant car seat i swear!

First bath at home

The girls minus Taylor, she was at school.

How could you ever say no to this??

Sorry I have not posted these last few days, we have really hit the ground running and my computer time has decreased significantly! My mother-in-law arrived when my mom left and has been here this week helping. She has really helped around the house, it has been a challenge with the two of us, we will see how I survive on my own, she just left tonight. Lidia - thank you for everything! Mom, you too! I have the greatest family!

All of you readers who have 4 or more You are amazing. How is this done???? I will need the secret, and quickly, if I am to survive. I guess the key is patience, the same thing I have been actively trying to learn the past 7 months. I must admit it is starting to take shape, I feel so much calmer when my kids are challenging me than I used to feel. It is a work in progress, but I am making some headway.

Mylee is doing wonderful. She is a sweet little angel. I selfishly asked the Lord for a good baby, it doesn't hurt to ask you know....and I think He gave me one. She hardly ever cries, is sleeping pretty good already, and is just very calm. I hope it stays that way. I forget how little they are, she is so tiny. The kids are loving her, she is the current sweetie of the family. At her doctors appointment he said she looked perfectly healthy. Yay for healthy!

Brinley has been a challenge with the new baby. She loves the baby, but has been having some serious tantrums. She has been very difficult, but I think it will just take some time to adjust. It is never fun for the baby to get dethroned. On the health side, she is feeling really great, she is eating great, has put on some weight and has managed to not catch anything as we finish up flu season. Her hair is growing back!!! Her eyelashes are almost completely grown back in and her head has a shadow of hair. It is exciting for me AND for her. I will miss her soft bald head, but I am also ready for her to have her hair back. Her counts from her CBC today were a little low, so I don't know if they will want to adjust her chemo meds. We'll see what they say when I talk to the oncs next.

Jade is doing pretty well. She has still been running a fever, it went up higher this week to 101, but now it is back in the high 99's. I will be glad when this mono is gone and I can relax, I am still very nervous. She felt pretty sick a couple days this week but seems to feel better today. The doctor said it would be very bad if Mylee got a cold right now, so we are trying to keep the germs from passing around the house.

Taylor gets the title of the baby smotherer. She can't get enough of her. She wants to hold her right when she gets home and is constantly kissing her. Her favorite thing is to kiss her when she is hungry to make Mylee try and eat her. She does it until someone stops her from torturing the poor child! It is cute to watch her, she is a wonderful big sister. I am blessed to have Taylor. I would think she would be sick of all these little sisters, with such a big age gap, but not Taylor. She told me yesterday that she would like me to have three more baby girls. Hmmmm....I think she'll have to wait until she's a momma to have her baby girls.

David and I are tired. That's all I really need to say about us. We are tired, and life is good even when you are tired. We have our health, and I will never again take our health or our children's health for granted. The Lord loves us and blesses us, I have seen it over and over again. Now it is 8:48 and I need to go to bed or I will not survive tomorrow!