I wish I had more time to write, but I am in over my head planning our Grand Stand this year, and just have to get this information out. IF you are unable to attend our Alex's Lemonade Stand Grand Stand this year, there are many other opportunities to attend an Alex's Lemonade Stand, thanks to our several stand hosts! This is something we added this year to our stand and have had so many amazing people step up to the plate. It will do so much to help us reach our goal this year. I want you to know about all the stands around town and out of town that you can also attend. Be sure to notice the dates, several of them are the week before ours.

Hosted by my dear friend Susanne Creer and her sweet daughter Abby! (Okay their whole family really).
Location: Windmill/Thayer
Date: Sept 10th
Time: 10:00-3:00

Hosted by my wonderful parents and just as wonderful friend Ali Thompson!
Location: Albertson's
Date: Sept 17th
Time TBD


Hosted by my Aunt Lori and Uncle Rob all the way across the country (wow, amazing right?). Well, yes they pretty much are.
Location: Edgewood Nutrition
Date: Sept 10
Time: 11:00-3:00

Hosted by Angela and Tige, Taylor's step mom and brother. Yep, that's right, my ex's wife. Read it again, it does not say my ex-wife. Gotta love that right? Thanks Angie!!
Location: TBA
Date: Sept 17th
Time: TBA


Hosted by Kristi Gulczynski, another cancer momma (a new cancer mom) with just as much gusto and passion as...a cancer mom. And a big thank you to Lori for allowing us to have them at her WACKY tournament!
Location: Two softball locations, TBA
Date: Sept 10
Time: ALL DAY!

Hosted by Mystee Sudbury, another fellow cancer mom and a pretty amazing lady, I hope to be just like her someday!
Location: TBA

Hosted by our very own committee members Alissa and Craig, Aunt Nancy and her amazing posse that we ADORE. Wow, they do it all! Actually this is three different stands, each entrance. There is no escape.
Location: Downtown SLC Smith's Marketplace
Date: Sept 1oth
Time: most of the day

Hosted by Alisa Ross, a veteran cancer mom who constantly works her tail off for the cause.
Location: TBA
Date: Sept 17th
Time: TBA

Hosted by the Hill family, our long-time friends who we LOVE so much.
Location: Saratoga Springs
Date: Sept 17th
Time: 10-1 or so (they have to close up shop to come down to our Grand Stand!)

There are a couple more possibilities, so stay tuned!!

I hope you can make it to one of these stands. If you have a specific one you'd like to go to and need more info (addresses, etc.) post a comment and I'll get you the info.

Now, don't forget you can still donate online if you won't be able to come. www.alexslemonade.org/mypage/71351

And just to throw this out there, we are desperate for something electronic at our raffle (which is going to be AWESOME) so if anyone has any connections to an electronics store or has an IPOD touch sitting unopened in a corner somewhere you'd like to donate, let me know!!

Let's spread some awareness - someday people will know what September is.