I am FINALLY recovering from our "fun filled" weekend, if you call my previous post fun. I pick up where I left off, with Taylor coming into our room at 3am and had just thrown up. So with 4 sick ones, we decided we BOTH needed to stay home from church with them. The guilt I felt for pawning our Sunday school class on another teacher, wondering if we could have just had one of us go, quickly vanished when 15 minutes into our church time Mylee threw up all over our bed. I rushed her to the tub, David did the clean up (I have a VERY good husband BTW). I got her all washed up. David comes up with the idea to let her play in the tub since she was happy. I have one word for you. Hindsight. A few minutes into the "play in the tub" time she has diarrhea. In the tub of water. I really had to laugh at that one, it was bad. I took care of Mylee, again, and David was on clean up, again. Did I mention I have a very good husband? He is a great disinfect-er.

That night, who comes knocking, but Mr. Fever. 102.3 Mr. Fever. Of all four kids, Brinley is the only one with a fever. I have to tell you with all the ER trips, I honestly am covering my eyes as to what this hospital bill will end up being when all is said and done. I will take a peek in a couple months, when treatment is over. For now we just make our minimum payments, that tend to go up every month, and be grateful that our daughter is still alive.

I call the on-call, really believing this time she would not have us come in, since all our other kids were sick and I thought maybe it could wait until the next morning, when we can just go to clinic and save 4 hours and $200. My conversation went like this:

Me: Brinley has a fever again today, but all of my kids are sick so I am sure it is just a bug. Her 24 hour coverage (the antibiotic she got the day before at the ER) was up at around noon, but I was hoping we could just wait until tomorrow if she still has a fever. (I think my regular doctor may have agreed to this)

On-call dr: Do all of your other kids have fevers?

Me: (sheepishly) Well, um, no, but you don't know Brinley. She gets a fever with everything.

On-call Dr: Well, we have been seeing a virus that has come WITH a bacterial infection lately, so I don't want to take any chances. Better......

Me: (interrupting) We'll be right there.

David was off to the ER, got home around 1am, and the next morning she was fever free. And nothing has grown in the culture. Shocker. Am I sounding bitter? I don't mean to, I am just so very ready to be done with this part of life. So ready.

Some Torres funnies:

We were going on a walk and we walked by a house all decorated for Halloween.

Brinley: Mom, is that a huntin house?

Mom: Yes, they made it look like a haunted house for Halloween!

(next house, that is NOT decorated, but was pretty run-down)

Brinley: OOh, that's a scary huntin house too!

Mom: Shhhhhhh! That one is not a haunted house!!

Brinley: Well, why does it look so scary??

I pretend I don't hear her and pick up the pace a bit.

Two days later, with Daddy:

Brinley: Daddy, me and Mommy saw a huntin house!

Daddy: What? OH, you mean a haunted house?

Brinley: No Daddy, a huntin house.

Daddy: No honey, it's called a haunted house.

Brinley: (never one to be admit to being wrong about anything) DADDY! IT'S A HUNTIN HOUSE!! You say it.....HUN......TIN......HUNTIN!

Daddy: Okay Brinley, a huntin house.

You would agree with her too if you saw how serious she was! So funny. This little munchkin arguing with her Daddy about how to pronounce haunted.

Again, I say, thank goodness for laughter. I think David and I would be divorced by now if we didn't both know how to find the humor.