Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for:

-How well Brinley's treatment is working
-A family that loves me even though I can be less than pleasant at times
-The knowledge of a Heavenly Father who loves and KNOWS me
-Parents who raised me in a loving home and think I'm pretty darned cool - someone has to!
-Each one of my kids, every day that they are alive and breathing and with me
-Laughter. I love to laugh
-Time passing - last year we were in much more difficult place
-Mylee joining our family - I know she was hand picked for us to bring our family joy, you can't look at her without smiling
-True friends
-Jesus Christ
-My husband to share my life with
-Good people. I LOVE good, kind people
-Everyone reading this blog, I can feel your love and support
-Food & shelter, oh how we take those two things for granted!

We have so much to be thankful for, I'll stop there because I am so stuffed all I want to do is go plop down on the couch! Hope you Thanksgiving was as lovely as ours!