Brinley is feeling better, at least her fever is gone. She is dealing with chemo now, and her cough is still yucky, but she did not get a fever yesterday or today, whew.

Brinley got a fever last night and we made the trip in to the ER at 9 or so. Her counts were great and so they gave her the antibiotic, took a blood culture and sent us on our way around 1am. She was already scheduled for her chemo today, so we went in to clinic this morning. She woke up with 102 fever, but Tylenol brought it down to 100. Clinic went well, she got her chemo and we talked to the doctor. The only change this month will be she will no longer take the IV pentamidine. She got so sick last month during the infusion, they decided it was not worth it to put her through that any more. So our next and last option for this situation (these antibiotics prevent a particular type of flu that is very hard to treat in cancer patients) is to give her dapsone every day. It is only for 2 more months, so hopefully this one works out. We are also going to check her again to see if her counts are still high (4200 ANC today!) so that we can increase her chemo. They don't like to do it when the kids are sick because blood counts can do wacky things when you are sick.

We will hold off on steroids until Saturday to see what is going on with her sickness, but she still got her vincristine. Later this afternoon her fever spiked to 105 when she fell asleep and she was very sick. This mom no likey 105 fevers. I managed to get the fever down again, and I am hoping tomorrow will be better and we will not have to make a trip to the hospital. If things go really bad tonight I would just take her in to the ER again.

She is coughing, and has been for 2 weeks, and it does not seem to be getting any better. It is a pretty nasty cough, I am pretty sure everyone at clinic breathed a sigh of relief when we finally left. I would be if some kid was hacking all over clinic, even with a mask on.

Soooo, that's the medical update on Brinley. Today was a hard day :(

I added some pictures to my last post of where were were two years ago this week. It's pretty hard to look back through those pictures, but I'm glad we have them. So scroll down and re-read the post with the pics if you have time.

As promised here are some current pics of Brinley. Good to see a lot of smiling lately! This is at Radio Disney when we got to do an interview for our lemonade stand.

Okay, a little cheezy, but still cute.

This is Brinley singing a song she learned in pre-school.

And there was a time I didn't even want to step foot in a park....

My point is that two years later, she is happy, feeling good (during non-chemo weeks!) and a normal little girl. Life is good.