Brinley's c-diff went away for a while, but it seems to have returned. We were at the hospital yesterday again and are going to try another antibiotic. Yesterday she woke up very sick, she fell asleep eating her breakfast. I got nervous and rushed her into clinic just in time for her to start feeling better, aside from the stomach cramping. Go figure. Oh well, better safe than sorry. Since there is not a fever involved and her counts are good we are going to see if this new antibiotic does the trick without having to stay at the hospital. Her bum is very, very sore and causing her a lot of pain, but she is happy nonetheless. Her stomach is huge, but it's not tender, which the oncologists say is a good thing.

I feel a little nutzy being so nervous about this c-diff, but any cancer parent will tell you, there are three words that will strike absolute fear into your heart. Relapse, bacteria, and fungus. Those are scary words for cancer patients, and I want nothing to do with any of them. So keep away from my Brinley bacteria!