Today was Brinley's 4th birthday! This year we didn't have a party since she will be having a big off-treatment party in a few months. We just stayed home with the family and had cake and ice cream and presents. She has been looking forward to her birthday for months! Jade starts our string of summer b-days with July 4th, then Taylor gets one on Aug 3, then David gets one on Aug 19, so you can see how she has been ready to explode with excitement with her birthday finally coming. She got a new scooter and a Little Mermaid barbie doll. It was a great day, and having been through what we've been through, each birthday could potentially bring on a river of tears for me. I held it together today, but here were my thoughts:

When Brinley was diagnosed and everything was so unsure, I knew her treatment would last until she was 4. And I didn't know for sure that she would make it to 4. I didn't know how the cancer would respond to treatment, how her body would handle the chemo, there was a great deal of uncertainty. Now she is doing great, and she is 4! I remember thinking it was so far away and she would be in PRE-SCHOOL before we were done with this crap-fest. And here we are. Time, you are my friend :)

Have you heard her laugh? You can't hear her giggle without smiling. She loves to laugh. If there's something to laugh about, she'll find it. I'll have to post it on here someday if you've never heard it. The world wouldn't quite be the same without her laughter in it. For bed I sing the girls a song sometimes. They get to pick the song. Jade, without fail, will pick "You are My Sunshine". She thrives on emotional stuff. She loves to feel loved and cared for. It makes her feel all warm inside :) Brinley, without fail, will pick "This is the Song that Never Ends", because it makes her crack up laughing. Laughter is like medicine to her, it turns things around quickly if she can find something to laugh about. Taylor, well, she will just let me pick, as long as she is getting her back scratched too. Funny how each kid is so different, and so special in their own way. Man, I love those kids.

Anyways, happy 4th birthday Brinley. You are almost there girl! Three more months and you'll be chemo AND cancer free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!