Does anyone know who this is? Oh, I'll just tell you. Nick Rimando, goalie and MVP from Real Salt Lake soccer team. He's quite the celeb around here, they just won the MLS Cup. Can you tell who the true fans are? Taylor was on cloud nine. Nicest guy ever.

This was at the Hope Kids party at the Mayan. It was a lot of fun.

Brinley was feeling goofy, and I just couldn't bring myself to enforce the manners. I mean, look at her face??!! So I took a picture instead. :)

This was at the CCCF (Childhood Cancer Christmas Foundation) party. I will have to write more about it later, once again it was such a bittersweet experience. I just don't have time to to sit and collect my thoughts. I did want to put up a picture of Brinley's cancer friend Serenity. She is a couple months ahead of Brinley in treatment and we have become great friends with their family. It's so nice to have friends who understand. Brinley loves Serenity, and they are moving a little closer to us soon, we're excited about that.
We had to miss the Make a Wish party and heard it was so fun. Hopefully next year it will work out. I will be posting again soon, I have a lot swimming around in my head. We are in a good place and for that I am grateful.