In recovery after surgery.

"See all my owies!"

What else to start off steroid week but eggs! We are hoping to get some weight gain this steroid pulse, they are trying to put her on an appetite stimulant and I have asked them to give her one more month still to do it on her own. The side effects are not good..
Feeding the ducks at Gardner's Village, one of our "free" summer activities...
Taylor and Jade
Tell me that's not adorable!!

We are right in the middle of steroid week, actually the steroids ended yesterday, but the effects continue long after the doses stop. Hence the lack of updates, it's taken much of my energy to keep everyone happy. In fact sometimes I fail miserably...however, this time has been a bit better. I think it is because the weather is finally nice enough to spend some time outside. If Brinley is swinging, she is happy. The steroids really do a number on her stomach and I think the motion actually helps that somehow, because when I rock her during her stomach aches she tells me to "go higher". As long as she is getting all the one on one attention she is happy as can be. Being rocked or pushed on the swing or sitting on my lap (not sharing the lap of course). It is impossible with 4 kids to give her every second of the attention, so there is a lot of crying. I feel like I am pulled in every direction and somehow seem to make everyone mad. Hmmm. Last night was hard for David. Brinley woke up at 1 and whispered from her room for her Daddy. He actually HEARD her and went in there. She, of course, wanted a snack. I had no idea any of this was happening because they were whispering the whole time. She was up until 3AM. I am hoping that doesn't repeat again, because I think tonight will be my turn, and I am still awake at almost midnight! Oh, how I hate steroids!!!

Anyhow, Taylor is home for the summer and has been wonderful. She is trying to earn money this summer and would like to take David and I and a friend of hers to a Real game (Salt Lake's soccer team). She is a sweet girl. She knows we don't have money right now and never asks for anything. She tries to come up with free ideas for fun things to do this summer. She invited Jade to her room tonight to have a "sleepover" and Jade was on cloud nine! It was so cute to watch them having so much fun. Jade's birthday is coming up and I have agreed to a princess party (ahhhh!). Taylor has pretty much taken it on, doing some awesome invitations, delivering them, planning games, etc. She is going to be one awesome mom, I can see it already!

Mylee is an absolute angel. I could not ask for a better baby. She is so content, she only fusses when she is hungry, poopie, or tired. My mom says she is just happy to be here and doesn't want to be any trouble. I feel like the time with her as a new baby is slipping right through my fingers. By the time Brinley is off treatment she will almost be 2. Kind of sad, but we are all so happy she is here with us. She is the sweetie of the family right now, everyone loves her so much! It is true, the Lord doesn't give us more than we can handle, and he knew very well I would not have been able to handle a fussy baby!