It's been a while since I have given a full update on everyone in the family. In case you are wondering, here's the newest on all of us.

Mylee had her 9 month checkup today! She is almost 10 months old! I blinked, oops, and she is soon to be 1 yr old. She got 2 shots and cried for, oh, about 6 seconds, then was back to herself. She is oh so cute and fun for everyone. Her hair is insane, her eyes are as big as her Daddy's, and she finally got some teeth, 4 popping out at once. She scoots around by pushing off on her toes. It is really funny, but it works! She is tall, 91% percentile, 30% percentile for weight. She waves bye-bye, gives kisses, smiles at anyone and everyone, and has the most kissable cheeks imaginable. Sometimes I wonder if we are going to kiss her face right off! She is a blessing.

Brinley's update will be short since you get updates on her constantly. The steroids are gone and she is happy and funny for the most part. She is so young and has no idea what she is fighting, so she doesn't think about it much. She is so funny and I think her humor will get her through a lot in life. The nice long life that she will have........

Jade is in kindergarten and we are working hard with her. She has a late birthday so she is the youngest in her class, not to mention I was pretty much absent all through pre-K with all of the chaos we were in, but she is catching on very fast. She is the most tenderhearted girl. She is always talking about bringing food to someone who doesn't have food. She is always asking if one of our neighbors doesn't have any food so we can bring them some. Same with her toys, she wants to give them to kids who don't have them. One of these days I will gather up the toys she wants to give away and take them to some kids who don't have toys. That would make her feel so good. She will grow up to be quite the giver. We are still following up with her doctor every few months since her doctor and I are still not convinced she is clear with nothing wrong (if you remember the scare we had this year with her that will make sense). She is also very emotional, and it is hard to tell if she is just extremely sensitive or if there is an underlying issue, emotional or physical (not feeling good, etc.) We go in again next month. All in all she is doing better though.

Taylor is 12 and part of the youth now in our church. That was a big milestone, and she is absolutely loving it. The weekly activities are not conflicting with soccer any more and we are both happy about that. She is working hard getting ready for a soccer tournament, oh, except for the PULLED MUSCLE she got last week! Bad, bad timing! She is resting it and hoping her fitness doesn't go ka-put before the tourney. She started playing basketball for the first time and is really loving it. She is in the learning phase, there is a lot to learn about basketball! She is a straight A student, trying to get 100% in every class, so she expects a lot of herself academically. I don't have to bug her about school at all, she always goes and does what is expected of her. I am going to enjoy it, because with 3 more to go through, one is bound to give me a little trouble! She is painfully shy, which can be so hard for junior high, but she seems to be doing fine and has a lot of good, sweet friends.

David is working like a madman. He has a lot going on at work with deadlines, so he works a lot and the kids are in heaven when he is home. He also works with the scouts and teaches Sunday school with me to the youth. He is such a good daddy and a good husband and a hard worker. We try to sneak away once in a while to "reunite" with a date (that will make sense to those of you with kids!!). I don't know how he goes on such little sleep, but somehow he does. He is going to take Taylor and the kids to Las Vegas by himself for her tournament since it is the same weekend as my DC trip. Not very men would be willing to do that! Thank goodness there is a lot of family there to help him. Honestly, he feels as strongly as I do about this cause, so he will do what he has to for me to go. I don't know what we would do without him. I love that guy.

Kristin, well I am doing great. This new year has been like a new beginning for me. I am so filled with hope for the future and gratitude for my blessings. I have decided to take back my life and take care of me a little, and I have lost 8 lbs so far this year. I am trying to dust off my piano fingers and have been learning some VERY simple hymns and it is really been quite nice to do something for myself. I am going to Washington DC in a week and a half and I can't wait. I will be getting some team leader training with CureSearch, and I don't really know what to expect. They are having a team leader conference call next week, and I hope to get a better idea of what I will be doing. All I know is I have a lot of passion about this, and I know I am supposed to do it. I want to be a voice for all the kids going through this in this country, and this is a great place to start. My sister, Melanie, is going with me, so I won't be all alone in DC (if you know me well enough to know my sense of direction you are breathing a HUGE sigh of relief right now). And, the most important thing, aside from all this other stuff, I love being a mommy. It brings me so much joy.

Since I am lacking a good picture of Jade and Brinley, I thought I would add a fun one of all of us.