Yes, believe it or not, mommies have birthdays too.  And today is mine!  It was a great day, let me tell you why.  For some reason, I haven't cared much about my birthdays the last few years, you get to a certain point where it is just another day.  But this year, my hubbie took the day off, my sister babysat our kids, and we went shopping with some birthday $$, and I got to just shop for ME.  Am I embarassed to say that it felt really good....HECK NO!  Maybe last year, but this year is different.  We all need a little self involved time, and what better day than your birthday!  Then we went to lunch, and to my nephew's house for his party (he's my birthday buddy, we share a birthday!) and finished it off with a movie with just David and I.  It was such a good day!  Tomorrow my sisters are taking me to lunch, so I guess it's not over yet!  Yikes, do I sound self-centered or what??  Well, I get to be on MY BIRTHDAY!  LOL.  

As for the rest of the family, ahem, everyone is doing great.  Brinley has gotten a mysterious rash on her face, so we had an unexpected clinic visit last week, they were baffled as to the cause, so we are doing benadryl and cortizone and it has improved a lot.  I am wondering if it is from the sun since it is only on her face, but they said it doesn't look like a sun caused rash, but who knows.  I have been so busy with all the kids, it has been hard to post lately.  This weekend we had Mylee's blessing, so our family was in town.  It was a great weekend with everyone here, the older I get and the more I go through, the more I realize how much I enjoy being surrounded by my family.  We had a brunch on Sunday after the blessing and I didn't want them to leave.   I am so lucky!!!  We missed all of you who couldn't come!  Let's see, other kids....Jade is doing fine, she has been trying to figure things out that are a little out there and hard for her to understand, so we have been doing a lot of talking.  For example, it came up that I would someday be a grandma, when my kids get married and have kids.  So Jade is waiting for the magical transformation when I turn into a grandma.  When she found out today was my birthday, she asked if I was still going to be her mommy.  I think she is just waiting every day for my transformation to grandma...I tried to explain that I will ALWAYS be her mommy, I'll just be a grandma too.  In a very, very long time!  I started that conversation too soon, I guess.  Taylor's soccer team is going to be competing in State Cup starting this Saturday.  It will be fun to watch, she is super excited.  It will go through the end of May.  This has got to be the most rambling, all over the place post ever!  But I don't feel like going back to organize it better, sorry!  Jumping here, jumping there, I guess that's how my life goes.  

Happy birthday to me!  hehehe.