We made it! I said I'd see you on the other side, so here we are! Brinley is feeling much better after this round of IV chemo and we are hoping to have a few very good weeks before we go back in. This one wasn't so bad, she never woke up in the middle of the night, that's always a good thing. David has a theory that she gets insomnia every other time, and sure enough, he was right this time. Which means next time she should be waking up, we'll see if his little theory is right next time too...She did have a lot of pain during the first few days, it can be hard to manage and you just feel helpless to her endless crying and frustration. But now it's over and she has one more under her belt, which means she has one less to go!!! And the neuropathy was not as bad, she only complained about it about 4 times, I was so glad.

We have had a chaotic month, with all the sickness and hospital runs, then chemo. Then I had to get all 4 wisdom teeth out last week. It was pretty awful by the way! I got dry socket, the thing I was most worried about and took special care to follow ALL of the instructions so I wouldn't get it! The oral surgeon did some serious digging in my jaw, and I'm an old lady and can't handle that kind of stuff! I'm still not feeling so great, hence the lack of updates. I'm glad I'll never have to do that again.

On the funny side, David videotaped me after I woke up, yes I got sedated, and it was really hilarious. It was like a whole different person talking, we have gotten some good laughs watching it. I'll give you the funniest line. "What did they give me, a toothbrush?" words slurring, as I dig through the bag they gave me. "Gauze!! They gave me gauze!! I paid them $1200.00 and they give me GAUZE! Usually when you go to the dentist you get some kind of special prize." Yes that came out of my mouth, I am still a child at heart who wants a special prize when leaving the dentist's office.

I think we'll be in normal mode for a good 2 weeks now, yay for normal! Thanks for checking in!!