Okay, I need everyone to do the no fever chant with me. Me and the kids are taking a trip to Vegas to visit moms & dad's & aunts & uncles & cousins & friends for the weekend. All by ourselves. Have I lost my mind, you might ask? Is Brinley still "under the influence"? (of steroids that is...). Yes, and yes. Six hour drive, me and 4 kids, one of them on steroids and one of them a 4 month old. This could be very baaaad. Or it could be a breeze....haha. I won't count on it. But we are GOING to have one last little fling before school starts and my momma is splitting the gas $. And we haven't gone further than St. George since Brinley got diagnosed, I'd say it's time. Especially if we are going across the country to Disney World in a month!!! So Vegas, here we come!


AND, Happy Birthday to my awesomely awesome husband!!! A whopping 31 years old today, and he has the gray hair to prove it! Don't let the baby face fool you!