Brinley went to get her chemo today. She did fine. Her ANC is very low, at 300, so we have to be very careful. I always get nervous with a low ANC. Brinley is very tired today. Wouldn't you know it, the night I needed sleep desperately she was crying until 3AM. I have no idea why. She just wanted to be rocked, the minute I put her back in her bed she would cry again. David was still at work trying to finish a project, so needless to say it was a very long night for the three of us. So after chemo, Brinley was worn out, her little eyes looked so tired tonight. It has been a hard couple of days. What I wouldn't give to have a double, so I could just crawl into my bed and sleep while someone was taking care of everything else.

Now for the fun news. Taylor, Jade and I get to go to Vegas tomorrow for the weekend! Taylor has a soccer tournament and we aren't comfortable with Brinley being away from the hospital, so since David took the girls last tournament, I get to do it this time. I'm really excited to have a little break. It should be good for us girls, although it will probably be tough on poor David! Brinley has been very draining, I can't even begin to describe. So unless David is planning on doing some updates while I'm gone, you probably won't hear from us until Monday or Tuesday, woo hoo! I will miss them though, I wish we could go back to the days when we could stick together as a family instead of one of us always having to stay home. Hopefully I will come back a little refreshed, because I am truly beat. Have a great weekend!

Seven months pregnant, 3 cranky kids who have been totally bored all day, husband working late, I am totally, completely exhausted. My washer leaked water all over the laundry room floor and I'm not going to do a thing about it. Thank goodness for Wendy's. I am going to get the 2 kids still up to bed, sit down on my butt and watch Lost. Then I will crawl on my hands and knees up to my bed and hopefully find a way into it without a forklift. I will close my eyes and hope to wake up tomorrow with a little energy for clinic, pre-school, and another doctor appt for me. I must have missed the fine print when I agreed to accept this life.......okay that was a total joke, and a really bad one. Life is good, still.

Things are going so much better than I expected. I hate to be overly-optimistic, but I'm hoping it continues like this through all of DI and we can breeze right through. I'm holding my breath....

Start with the bad this week: One night of crying until 2 AM, 2 days after stopping the steroids. We're praying that starting them again Thursday won't start some sleepless nights. Brinley can be very tempermental and her bad moods do affect the whole family. She has been very demanding and clingy (those of you with 2-year-olds are thinking "yeah, so what! Mine is too!") Lol, so a lot of it is the age combined with the meds. Her eating is wacky, she wants corn dogs or mac and cheese for breakfast (sound familiar??) and asks for snacks every 10 minutes, but can never decide what snack she wants. We spend a lot of time staring at the pantry and frustrated because she has no idea what she wants. We hear "I hungry" very often. We are not able to go anywhere because we have the feeling her ANC may be low, so it makes for some very long days for those of us here. Poor Taylor has been out of school for 2 days and is dying to go somewhere and do something. It is very hard to not be able to take the kids to the library, or the store, or ANYWHERE for goodness sakes!!

Now for the good: We were so sure after the 2am episode it would continue for several nights, but she has slept all night since then, ahhhh. Although Brinley is easily angered, she has also been so funny and silly. She can make us crack up laughing, we are happy she is still being cute and silly and funny. And all of the food she is eating will hopefully put a couple missing pounds back on her skinny little body. So eat up Brinley girl!!! The best of all is that Brinley is more happy than she is miserable.

We go back in on Thursday for another chemo treatment and start the steroids again. I'll be posting again after that! Hope all is well with all of you wonderful people!!