Sorry to leave everyone hanging, we are up late every night and don't have internet access in our room, so it is difficult to update! We will try to post some pictures tomorrow, but know that we are having a wonderful time, everything has been darn near perfect and we couldn't be happier! Brinley is loving this, absolutely loving it, as are the other gals. Check back tomorrow night for some updates and pictures (hopefully!)

Well, the excitement was high at our house tonight. We have been packing for our Wish trip tomorrow. I wish you could see how excited everyone is. We got a little taste of it from Brinley on video, and everyone else shares the same excitement she has. Taylor couldn't concentrate at school, even David and I are acting giddy! We got the green light from her doctors today, although we have some things to deal with regarding her blood counts when we come back. For now, we get to forget it all and just enjoy the trip (so long as there are no FEVERS!). I must say I am quite nervous, I just want everything to be perfect, and you know what happens when we want everything perfect!

We will try, try, try to post while we are gone, but I know we don't have internet at our villa, so we will see if it happens. I can't even believe it, what an amazing gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you Make A Wish!