I just wanted to do a quick post about what a wonderful weekend we had.  We had no soccer this weekend, so David and I got up early and cleaned the whole house top to bottom.  Those of you in charge of the housecleaning know how this put me on cloud 9!  That night we watched Kung Fu Panda with the kids and it was so fun to just have a day to relax in a clean house.  

Sunday was great too, more sitting around relaxing, just enjoying being together with no worries.  Thinking back this sounds really silly, I can't pinpoint what was so great about our weekend.  I missed Taylor sooo much, but when she came home last night, we stayed up talking until midnight and I was just so happy to see her and have her home.  My point in posting this is that we are having some great days lately and I love life.  I love my kids, they are so fun, and naughty, and cute, and naughty, and can make my heart soar with a smile, or a kiss, or a hug, or an I love you mom, or a laugh.  And we are walking down the road of childhood cancer, and we are pulling together during the good times, and hopefully will be able to stay that way during the bad times.  I could never have imagined feeling this way a month ago, when everything was dark, and sad, and hard.  I have to write it down because  when a dark spell comes, I can come back and read about the joy that is possible in our lives.  


Ashley said...

Yea for a clean house! That really does make things better. Glad to hear you sounding chipper.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya! I'm glad you were able to relax a bit. Relaxation is a must! Not all the time, but it is a must!