I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We sure did! We were able to avoid the hospital by the skin of our teeth, Brinley ran a 100 fever Thanksgiving and the next day, but never got above the 100.4 that would have her admitted. David reminded me that she always seems to get a fever after the vincristine, so I'm pretty sure that's what it was. So we got to be with our family, and ate and ate and ate. We played games that night and had tons of fun. The next day was more of the same, we just hung out with family, watched the fever, and went nuts with the hand sanitizer. Yesterday was good, we couldn't take her to church because of her ANC, so we switched off classes, I had to teach Sunday school, so David came home after Sacrament Mtg and I went to the rest. The nursery leaders said they really miss Brinley, hopefully she will get to go again soon. It seems like a rare occasion now when we can all get to church together.
The home health nurse came today the get her CBC, so we'll know her counts later this afternoon. That will tell us if she needs a transfusion. She still looks really pale, so I'm sure they are low, the nurse things she looks like she needs one.
We had some fun surprises this weekend too! We got a package in the mail from Taylor's old soccer coach Amie, in Las Vegas, with presents for all of us, it was fun and the kids loved it! Then my mom brought something from the Young Women in her Ward in Las Vegas. They had put together packages in pillowcases for each one of our kids. They were stuffed with toys, hats, blankets, all kinds of things. It was like Christmas for them, they loved it so much. It is so nice to have people out there that are willing to put a huge smile on my kids faces while our lives are so different than what they used to be. It has made this easier for them. Sometimes I feel guilty for accepting so much, but then I think about what all of my kids have had to endure, and I realize that they deserve a little something special, knowing that someone else was thinking of them and took the time to do something special. We also got some Mr. Potato Head toys from a friend of my mom's in Vegas, and it has been a hit too! Needless to say my kids have had a great weekend!!


Amie said...

I am glad the package put smiles on everyones faces! You helped us when we needed it and plus Landon misses his friend Jade!