Yep, they didn't let us go today. They want to make sure the culture comes back clean tomorrow, so they want to watch for fevers in the meantime. So far she hasn't had any. She was going on 4 hours of sleep all day and wouldn't nap, so it was a rough day with lots of meltdowns and puffy eyes. We finally had them give her benadryl at 7:30 and she's sleeping now, hopefully all night. I'll know more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...


We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and we will be praying for Brinley.

The Powells

Anonymous said...

Ah Man, that really sucks! Sure hope she gets to feeling better so you can spend the holidays at home! We had clinic yesterday, we would have dropped in and said hi if we realized you were in.

It was great to finally meet you guys in person at the party!