Things are going well for now. We have had so many people step in to help us this last couple weeks, and it has been much needed. I am getting so tired with the pregnancy and the kids, even though Brinley is doing well the help we have received has been perfect timing. We've had some meals from my aunt and uncle, David's parents were here over the weekend and cooked and played with the kids, Alissa (my sis) has been helping a lot with the cleaning, Melanie (my other sis :) has taken the kids for the last couple of wednesdays so I can have a little time to rest, a church member is bringing a meal tomorrow, the list goes on. So although I am feeling very tired and sometimes start complaining, I am so thankful for all the people stepping in to help us, physically and financially. We are so, so blessed with all of these helping hands.

Brinley has been running a temp in the 99's for a few days now, but it has never gotten over the 100.3 mark, so I am just temperature checking every couple hours and praying it doesn't go up. We took her to church on Sunday for part of it, figuring we wouldn't get to the next couple weeks if her counts crash. I think that is only the third or fourth time she has come since her diagnosis, so it was nice to be able to sit all together. We don't dare send her to nursery yet, too risky, but hopefully that will come during maintenance. The home health nurse taught us how to administer the chemo for the 4 day ara-C dose, so David did that. It was a weird feeling telling the kids they couldn't come near, and I couldn't help because I'm pregnant and it is poison, and then injecting it into our 2 year old's body. Makes me sad. Yet here she is, alive because of it. Surely we would have lost her by now if it weren't for this poison. So we'll keep giving it to her, and pray she will be here with us for a very long time. What would we do without her?


Anonymous said...

It is so nice to read about all the love that sorrounds you and your family. I hope things continue to go well and it is good to hear you are getting some well deserved and much needed rest. I wil say a prayer for Brinley's temp.

Kathy Powell