This hat wins the most original for sure...we got a good laugh.

The kids got to spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa Torres last week.

The home health nurse taught David how to do the chemo last week

We laughed imagining the things that could be coming out of her mouth right now...our favorite was "mom, you better step back with that camera before I smash it"

I can barely even see her eyelashes any more, I miss them.

Sweet Jade coloring a picture for her sister

Ok, gotta get some preggie pics in, I was just trying to be dramatic

Date night, YAY!

We had a great weekend, Jade got sick, but has not passed it on and I think we are about in the clear. Brinley will get her counts checked tomorrow to see if we will transfuse red blood or platelets this week. Her legs keep getting bruises all over them. She was crying a lot tonight, but was pretty happy the most part of the weekend. David and I managed a date and we all pretty much stayed in the rest of the weekend because of Brinley's low numbers, but it was really nice.


John Hanks said...

Too cute!!

Ali said...

Kristen, for 8(?) months pregnant and a child with cancer, you look great. That at least should keep the glass half full on yuck days...

I love the orange hat. If I should ever go bald, I hope Brinley will consider putting it on loan.

John Hanks said...

I like the picture you used on Facebook. Can you put that one here?

Kristin said...

Which one?