Great, Brinley is sick today. She was up throwing up all night last night and a few times today. Luckily it is not accompanied with a fever (yet), so it should just pass without having to go up to the hospital. We'll see, but she is pretty miserable. David couldn't even get her chemo in last night, she threw up everything he tried to give her. Bummer, no fun when kids are sick. Jade also has a doctor appt. on Monday about the low fever/mono thing. Yep it's still there.

Brinley has been otherwise happy, Jade is asking every day when she will be 5 (and it's not until JULY!), Taylor has been especially pleasant to be around, and Mylee is still an angel, she started smiling...sooo cute. I'll try to get some pictures up this weekend, everyone is changing so fast, especially Brinley and Mylee. Brinley looks so stinking cute with her hair growing back in. I've found many more people have been staring at us, I guess when she's cue ball bald, they know she has cancer and quickly look away. But when it looks like your mom gave you a buzz cut, well, I guess they don't hold back so much. One woman at Target walked right up and said, "Oh, you are so cute! Did you get ahold of a razor??" It was a very awkward moment, I really didn't want to embarrass her, but she was staring at me for an answer, and laughing it off wasn't satisfying her. So I chuckled for a minute, then had to say "no, she has leukemia." Poor woman was so embarrassed.


Anonymous said...

have Jade make a construction paper chain and let her rip or cut one link off every day until her birthday.. its super fun and she wont ask anymore! well.. if shes like my 5 year old she'll ask "Can I cut another one off?!?!" before the next day has come.. feel better brin!!!! =(

Anonymous said...

Hope Brinley feels better today. I can not wait to see her new loock. Thanks so much Kristin for keepin the blog update. Love Lidia