Brinley had her port placement surgery and everything went fine. She woke up very unhappy, possibly in pain, so they gave her some pain meds and she fell back asleep for about an hour while I rocked her. They put the port right underneath her breast (better place for a scar) and it protrudes out quite a bit. They said it is because she is so small. She also got her LP today and it went without a hitch (whew). I even had them take off an old band aid while she was sedated...might as well save her from as much pain as I can! :)

Then after recovery it was up to clinic for some chemo and to get counts and remove her PICC line. Our oncologist said she was having second thoughts while in the shower last night for giving the green light on the surgery because her counts were a little low and that gives her a higher chance of infection. (Good to know she thinks of us outside of work too!) I appreciated her being honest with us, she seemed a little nervous to find out her counts today. Luckily her ANC doubled from yesterday! It was up to 1300, so she was totally fine to get the surgery. (whew again, we didn't find that out until AFTER the surgery). After the chemo we did the dreaded task of removing the PICC line. It was not pleasant and she was very nervous and cried a lot, but it is over and the PICC line is gone. No more dressing changes!!! Wooooohoooooo!

Now we have to worry about how she will do with her first port access. There is just no easy way to get chemo, is there?

For now she is in pain, and not feeling great. I just gave her some more oxycodone, hopefully that will help. She isn't too sure about the big bump under her skin, it will take some getting used to. She also had an incision in her lower neck by her collarbone that they use to feed the catheter into her vein, so that is hurting too. She is such a trooper. It about kills me when she looks at me and says "Is it hurt, mommy?" and I know the answer is yes. It will hurt. How do you tell a scared 2 year old that? Oh, I love my tough little girl!


Stacy said...

I am so glad things went well. Poor sweet Brinley. We sure love her!

Kristine said...

Poor thing. I hope she heals quickly and is home soon.