Ahhhh, the month has passed already and it is time again for steroid week. Seriously? Where did these two weeks go? I haven't updated in a while, but we have been having a wonderful summer. It has been our best summer yet, even with only two good weeks out of the month. Maybe it's that we enjoy that two weeks more than we ever enjoyed life pre-cancer. Brinley has been so happy, it is a reminder that it really is the steroids making her so grouchy for so long after she stops taking them. This last week especially has had some great days. We continued our "free summer" with a picnic downtown with Daddy on Monday, our new once a week tradition, the library on Wednesday, playing in the water fountain and getting totally drenched, a splash park, swimming with friends (yay, she can finally swim again and she had a blast!!), we are all just having a great time.

We go to clinic tomorrow for chemo and she will start her pulse of steroids. We are braving camping with her tomorrow through Saturday. Chemo and camping all in the same day, who would have guessed our lives would be this way. This is a bit of a risk (not physically, if her counts are low we decided not to go) but because we don't know how she will be feeling or behaving. So we aren't going far (we have to stay close to the hospital anyway) and if she is just miserable I will come home with her and Mylee. My brother and sisters and their families will be there, so I'm hoping it will be a distraction for Brinley from this dreaded week, but it could totally backfire. So if you don't hear from us all weekend, consider it a good thing, we are all excited to be out in nature and away for a couple days! Jade especially has been jumping up and down all day about our camping trip. Who needs Disneyland?? Have a great weekend!


WendyK (all-kids list) said...

Hopefully your camping trip goes well! I just want to say that Kaden did so much better while we were camping during his steroid pulse than he does at home on steroid weeks. Prayers that it will be the same for y'all!