Okay, this is for the quiet followers out there....you know who you are. You check up on us once in a while and we have NO IDEA who you are, you don't really want to comment but have been quietly supporting us through this journey. Today is the day we want to hear from you! One of the purposes of this blog is for Brinley to always know the things she has overcome and the love and support she had through it all. Soooo, that means she will someday be reading this blog....sooo that means we want her to know how many of you are out there cheering her on! So let today be the day you introduce yourselves to us. Leave us a comment telling us who you are, a little about yourself, where you are from, and a little note for Brinley. C'mon, you can do it! We know you are out there! We are grateful for you!


chloe's clan said...

I guess I'm #1 today and I am outing myself as a silent follower. I am LDS and live in WA. My little girl has a feeding tube and is trying to grow out of an unexplained feeding disorder. She is 4 now and has been sick for almost her whole life. She is doing great recently! My sister's son who is 3 now was diagnosed with brain cancer when he was 2 and has had a long hard battle with brain surgery, chemo, and a triple stem cell transplant. He currently is in remission with scans every 3 months and a fair possibility of recurrance for the next 10 years. But he is doing great and was blessed to live and not have problems in the future.

I follow your blog Brinley because I like to know how you are doing from time to time. It is so hard to have to go through something like this but you are a very fortunate little girl to have a mommy who loves you so much and wonderful sisters who love you and your daddy too! Love can overcome anything in life! It can help you when you are scared, it can help you when you are sad, it can help you to help others even. Our job as sisters and brothers is to help each other. I love to give support through my prayers for others who are having a scary and hard time in their life. It helps to have blessings in this way.

Your mom is pretty neat to set up a blog for you so you can see all the people who care for you!

Much love and blessings to your family.

T. Hill said...

Hey Guys! Deanne and I have been reading your blog since its inception. Your family is always in our thoughts and prayers. Brinley, you're a superstar! The way you're handling this mess puts most "grown-ups" to shame. Thanks for being such a shining example of strength and joy. And thank you Kristin for taking the time to chronicle the whole ordeal. It's heart wrenching to read, but truly inspiring. Keep writing, and we'll keep reading.

Pamela Lin Thompson said...

I do check in from time to time. I admire your family for your strength. You are maintaining "normal" (whatever that really is) in some way. Birthday parties and with the love of family and friends around you. I have 4 children, 2 with Dyslexia, and one daughter that is so special sometimes we just smother her just for the fun of it. Our two oldest sons are in the Army and that is a struggle of our own with deployments back to back. so in short, we think we have it rough until we realize the things you have to deal with. Somedays it's so difficult with a child in a war zone, no contact and no knowing when the men in uniform might drive up to the door. But you deal with that in a different way, day to day too. It might sound strange or wierd in a way. But you are huge support for us. I hope that your sweet little Brin is able to heal and grow so that I can also watch her become a wonderful woman and mother. I wish your family tons of happiness and healing.. Know that we are praying for her in her own little war, just along side of our sons and the war they fight for us.
Hugs and love from us to you.

lindsaydagrosa said...

My name is Lindsay D and I am one of Brinley's silent followers/supporters. I live in NY and I am an 18 year old aspiring photographer, sometimes volunteering through flashes of hope and national geographic camp. I attend University of Hartford Art School in CT and I am so looking forward to meeting Brin and her family one day.

I have no one in my family who was diagnosed as a child with cancer or any life threatening diseases, I simply learn from Brinley and all that she goes through. Often when I have things that need to be done or I have an obstacle to surpass, I think of Brinley. I visit her blog everyday in hopes of a beautiful tomorrow. Brinley you are in my prayers every day. It is one day my DREAM to become as strong and heart filled as you. You are my mentor, somebody I look up to even though literally I look down. My idol, even though idol's are only idol's if they are older. You are so perfect, and your family is so lucky to have such a beautiful little girl in their lives.

As for your sisters, I couldnt imagine how much they go through mentally and physically. They do so much to keep you happy and to try and keep themselves happy. I'm sure your always the number one thing on their minds.

You all continue to be in my thoughts
always and forever..

Rochelle said...

Hi! I live in Topeka, KS. I have 2 little girls ages 6 and 2 1/2. I am a stay at home mom though I have a teaching degree and a history degree.
Little Brinley has stolen my heart. I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I check it every day. Some stories just reach out to you. Maybe it is because my little girl is also 2. Maybe it's her adorable little face. She is an inspiration and I consider it an honor to pray for her. My oldest saw her picture and asked about her so I told her the story. She often names her Barbies or horses Brinley so she has been touched as well.
Praying for all of you!

Rochelle Sanderson

Emily said...

Hello! Silent reader # 5 here. :) I, like others, am not really sure how I first found the blog, but have been reading for quite some time. I am a mother to the most amazing 9 month old little boy, Jaxson, I am a wife to the most amazing husband, Aaron, and most importantly, I am a daughter of Christ and have been pleading on Brinley's behalf for a long time. Brinley, your eyes have captivated me and my heart. I will be praying for you always- and am looking forward to the day when this disease is forever gone from your body. You are an amazing little fighter, who is blessed with faithful parents and a faithful God. Praying always...

Karen said...

I live just down the road and I love to see Brinley out playing with her sisters or at church. I check in almost everyday. I always get a little nervous when there is a new post, but I am happy when it is good news. Keep up the fight and we will keep you in our prayers. Karen Jensen and family

Unknown said...

this is chris & natalie cottam - we were in serene ward in las vegas together and i either visit taught you or we were partners...or something?! :) we pray for you guys and are totally in awe of how your handling this tremendous trial.

brinley - you are a little rock star! we pray for you every night. xoxo - the cottam fam'.

Courtney said...

I live in Kentucky and have been following your blog for the last few months. I have a little girl that the Lord placed in my life 12 years ago and who had her share of health issues in the early years. We both check your blog every day Brinley and pray for you and your family.

Thank you for sharing your family with us and we cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for your family!!

Anonymous said...

Hello all my name is Maria Martinez and i worked with David at Silver State Mortgage. I heard from David about Brinley quite some time ago and have been silently following your blog ever since. I cant tell you how many times i have wanted to make comments because i am amazed at what your family has gone thru. Although you have been thru sooo much (or maybe because you have been thru so much) I can feel the love your family shares. Time and time again i am beyond words with your strength and faith!!!!

Brinley.. you are an AMAZING little girl.... us adults should have your strength.

My prayers will continue to be with you and your family.

Marion said...

It's true. I am a "quiet follower." My name is Marion Elton, and I have the great privilege to call both your grandmas my friends. I work at the library with your Grandma Linda and have known your mother for over 20 years!!

Rachel Inbar said...

My name's Rachel and I live in Modi'in, Israel, which is about half way between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. I'm also a mom of many - 3 from my first marriage (ages 15-1/2, 13 and 13) and 3 from my second (ages 4, 3 and 1). I must have gotten to your blog from another blog many months ago (well before Mylee was born).

As a hobby, I run a support site for infertility and for a living, I work as a user interface designer.

Kelly said...

I've been a "quiet follower" of your blog for several months now, and I honestly can't even remember how I came across it. I am a 30-year old mother to a beautiful 10 month old little girl, named Riley. I am originally from Texas, but have lived in Tulsa, OK, for about 2 1/2 years. I have a special place in my heart for all sick babies, and I feel drawn to check in on Brinley and your family. Brinley is always in my prayers.

Jordan said...

Hello! I'm a silent reader as well. My name is Jordan and I live in Texas. I came across Brinley's page a about 6 months ago because I was looking for some information about becoming a child life specialist.

Your family is so amazing I know how it feels with a family member going through this, and you guys are doing a terrific job with the hand you have been dealt. I think that you are amazingly good at balancing EVERYONE in the family...which is so difficult in this type of situation.

Brinley- You are just such a sweetheart...I love your name by the way..so cute. I think that you have been so brave...keep it up. You are doing such a great job you little warrior! I'll be praying for you and your family because it is such a hard thing. You are all so faithful through this...and it shows. God Bless

JenD said...

I am not sure how I got here, have followed and prayed fro your family for a while now.....anyway...i'm jen mom to laine and paige and wife to jeff. I work part-time as a nurse. I like being with family, scrapbooking, blogging, and doing anything new and fun. Our Laine has a rare genetic disorder but it is treatable and she is doing well. I have a big heart for little ones who are sick. Take care

Vonda and John said...

I am a silent follower and found your blog through the Riggs blog. I have been amazed at how a little girl like Brinley continues to handle this illness better than any adult. I have adopted two children internationally - both healthy, and just can't imagine how tough it must be to have a sick child. I have prayed for many through the Riggs.

Thanks for calling out your silent readers - I tried that once and got no replies. Maybe I should try it again. ;-)

Blessings to Brinley and her family.

Christy said...

Hello Brinley,
My name is Christy and I live in Missouri. I have a little boy named Phillip and we have been silently following your blog for awhile now. Phillip is adopted from Ukraine and enjoys hearing stories and seeing pictures of other families around the country. Come by and check us out sometime.

Prayers to you and your family.


Phyllis said...

Hello, my name is Phyllis and my daughter is Kristen :) I've only commented once or twice before. We live in OKC and are friends with the Riggs so I found your blog through them. I adopted my daughter from Guatemala at the same time Michelle was adopting Abby, although my daughter is a couple of years older (she just turned 6).
Brinley - You are certainly a strong, brave girl and so beautiful. We love seeing pictures of you looking so healthy and having fun with your sisters. We are praying for you. You have the most BEAUTIFUL eyes!!
Phyllis & Kristen

Jen said...

Hey, I'm Jen.
I'm here in Green Valley, NV. I'm in your parents ward. I've been in the ward for about 8 yrs. I worked with your mom in the nursery for a while also. I heard about Brinley from your mom and also when the YW were doing a service project for Brinley. We're sending your daughter all our love. Wishing you guys the best.


Heather said...

Hi Kristin!

My name is Heather, and i'm an 18-year old college sophomore. I go to school in Washington DC at The George Washington University. I know how I came on your blog, but it's kind of creeper-ish, so I'll just say that I found your through a friend of a friend. I back-tracked through everything when I first found your site, and it broke my heart for the first little bit. It amazes me what the hope of the gospel does for people. I can't imagine going through life without it. Your family is so beautiful, and I really sympathize with Taylor- I've got two little brothers, 12 and 5 (and an older one who's 21). I know what it's like to want so much to help out and make everything a little better. I can't wait to see the kind of girl Brinley grows up to be. She's great. You're great!

lisalisa said...

Kristen, you are truly amazing. I am a good friend of Dennis' "friend" ;) Danielle. I jump from her blog to his to yours to check out what your little family is up to. It's kind of stalker-ish, but not. I have a 2 year old little boy and a brand new baby. I can't even come close to imagining what you have been through/are going through. But to see that you have princess parties and go to the zoo gives everyone hope that things like this can be overcome and that happiness can exist in those circumstances. And it's also a huge reminder of what is truly important in life!

We were actually considering naming our new baby Brinley but went with Blaikly instead. (P.S. I can't believe that someone would make fun of the name choice Mylee and have the audacity to leave a comment about it!)

One last thing. I totally can't believe the story about Brinley's PICC line! The nurse messed up really bad on my IV last week when I was in labor and it made me think about how much worse it would have been in her case! I seriously would have KILLED the person! (not joking)

Anyway, good luck to you all. My prayers are with you. Your family is adorable and Kristen, you are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

My name is Stephanie Jones and I used to be Jade's nursery teacher. I admired your family then before all of this happened and I admire you even more now. I always thought you guys were amazing and this blog has confirmed that. Chris and I pray for Brinley all the time. I read your blog almost everyday and have since the very first post. I don't comment because there is absolutely nothing I can say that you don't already know. So we just pray for you guys. Your family is beautiful.

Stephanie Jones