We got home last night from an absolutely amazing, magical trip! We are doing our best to sort through our pictures to put some up, but there are over 500 to look through!! We'll shoot for tomorrow, but here is the short version. It was such a wonderful, carefree vacation. We loved Give Kids the World, and Disney World was so much fun. I can't wait to share it with you all!!

Brinley got a fever right before our flight, our only hickup, but we made it home without any hospital trips, just a few calls to the oncologist. We got back and had a hospital visit today because of the fever. Turns out she has an ear infection (she had been up all night the night before we left crying about her ear, so we kinda figured...) but counts are GREAT and we came home w/antibiotics. We also had a car repair of about $600 today, so here we are back to life. But what a blessing to be able to have a week where we didn't think about stinkin' cancer all the time. I have thought about it every day for a year, and it was wonderful to let it all go for a bit. The kids were so happy and had so much fun, you know, the way it should be for kids.

She goes in on Thursday already for her chemo. Where did the month go? Check in tomorrow night for pictures (hopefully!!!!)


Unknown said...

That is WONDERFUL I am so glad you had tons of fun.