This first picture has a story to go with it. A couple weeks ago, I asked the girls to clean up the living room. Taylor was in charge. She told the girls to take their stuff and put it away. A few minutes later Brinley came in and proudly said "Taylor, I cleaned up ALL my stuff!" Later that night I went into the downstairs bathroom, and could barely open the door....when I started asking around, I found out these were all the things Taylor had asked Brinley to put away.

This is to show how long her hair is growing in the back, and a cute cuddle with the girls too!

The front view...

Master Shifu (sp?)

Master Shifu...

And when one does something funny, they all must try it. Once again, master shifu....

Ho, ho, ho

Our traditional santa hats we wear while putting up the tree.

Jade got the position of star placer this year.

This is to show how insane Mylee's hair is. This is just a few minutes after a bath, the top of it (and ONLY the top of it) completely curls up into a fro. It is so funny!

Brinley and Mylee (notice the ponytails!)

Decorating sugar cookies, and Taylor getting busted snitching some frosting.

This was at clinic. Our favorite therapy dog, Elliot, dressed up as a reindeer. Brinley got to feed him some cheese, she absolutely loved it.

I thought this was the sweetest thing, Brinley was feeling so sick from the chemo, and I saw them just watching TV together cuddling.

The first big snow, it was exciting!

It was too powdery to build a snowman, so Brinley and I figured out a way make one anyway, if you can see it.

There, I've updated with some pictures of us. We are through with one more month of chemo, Wahooooo! Eleven to go! The steroids wore off a little quicker than usual and the girls were playing happily all day yesterday, and she stayed asleep all night already. Time for a good few weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are getting excited about Christmas. It will be a small one, but really, no one cares, we have each other. And we are so happy.


Unknown said...

I love the cuddly pictures Brinley always makes me smile.Mylee has so much hair.Have a Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

T H A N K Y O U ;) soooooo cute and sweet xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Such adorable kids! Love Mom

Dani said...

So much love in my heart for those girls! I just can't get enough of your amazing family!

Kat said...

Sister Snuggle pics are the Sweetest!

Anonymous said...

All your girls are soooo sweet and beautiful!