We made it in one peice, no terrorists on our flight or lightning storms to fly through. Phew. We are in our great nation's capitol! Wooohooo! We are so far out of our element it is not even funny! Two stay at home mom's from Utah, in DC with all these professionals. HA! The hotel we are staying in is a beautiful, fancy pants hotel and I don't know if I will want to leave my bed in the morning!

Seriously, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime tomorrow morning we are going to go do some sightseeing and we are so excited about it. I don't know if I've mentioned it or not, but we grew up about 20 minutes outside of DC, until I was 15, so this is the place of my childhood and lots of cool memories come with DC for us. We had a wonderful flight, we giggled and did our homework on the people we'll be meeting and tried to learn as much as we can. We have been like 2 giddy schoolgirls, and are excited for tomorrow. I love the history that is here, I really wish we had more time. Didn't appreciate it when I was here!

Although I am so happy to be here and seriously can't believe that I have this amazing opportunity, I feel such a void without my family. It just doesn't seem right to be without them. There are no kids here, and I saw a baby at the restaurant tonight, and Melanie and I both wanted to pounce. We controlled ourselves though. My family went to a soccer tournament in Vegas before I left, so I haven't seen them since Friday and I miss them like crazy. Taylor's team won BTW. Yay! Game ended up in PK's and the won 3-2.

Anyhow, tomorrow afternoon we will get some training and then have a welcome reception, then Tuesday we are off to Capitol Hill. Hopefully I'll be able to update tomorrow. I have adrenaline going like crazy and I hope I will be able to say everything I would like to say without my words turning into mush. I am as prepared as I can be, so there we go. My dad's advice to me (he was the Cheif of Staff for a congressman in the 80's when we lived here, so he has some great experience to share with us) was "they don't care how much you know, they want to know how much you care." I care an unbelievable amount and I hope I can portray that.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update xoxox our thoughts and prayers and (gigglies) are with you both every second!!Happy to hear the family made it home safely. Tell Capital Hill....whatup !! You can do it xoxox
A Nancy ;)

Grandma Darlene said...

Kristen: We are proud of you and what you are soon to experience. Be strong and speak so the person on the back row of the audience can hear you and look up when you can. Your sincerity will be your armour. Wish I could be there in DC with you. I lived in No. Va. for over 45 years myself. We used to have so much fun with you three little ones when you lived near us. Love, Aunt Darlene and Uncle Will.

Ilaria said...

We're thinking about you!! Good luck! :)