The days have been flying by! Whew! We have had a great couple weeks, I will try to recap as well as I can remember. Let me start by giving all of the highs.

Taylor won an award at school called "Lion of the Quarter", which is apparently a big deal. You have to be an all around great student to get nominated by one of your teachers, and then at least half of your other teachers must agree with the nomination. They had a breakfast for the students and their families and an awards ceremony. Her name and picture will go on the hall wall the first quarter of next year, and her name will go onto a plaque that will be at the school....forever I guess. They had some from the 80's, that's when I was in middle school!! I'm dating myself, I know....anyhow, I am so proud of her and the young woman she is becoming.

One of her best friends won the award too, so it was really fun for them.

Big deal #2 for Taylor: Her soccer team won State Cup. They beat every team in the state of Utah, and now qualify to go play in the Western Region competition in New Mexico where they will play the winners from every state. She is so excited for this she can hardly stand it. There have been times I have wondered if keeping her in soccer has been the right thing for our situation. It has required a great deal of time to get her where she needs to be to compete at this level. When I saw all her hard work pay off, and to see her realize that the key to success is hard, hard work it was all worth it. The team played amazing and they are incredibly talented girls and so fun to watch as they grow and develop as a team. New Mexico will be in 2 weeks, so they are gearing up for some tough competition...

With her coaches.

Memorial day weekend was really wonderful. Brinley felt so good all week and the weather was finally starting to cooperate. My parents came for the weekend and we went to my sister's grave and just sat around and talked. My grandpa came and told us all about our ancestors that were buried there. We went to my brother's house and BBQ'd and it was truly a wonderful day. I love my family!

The girls are out of school for the summer and we are so excited. Tenderhearted Jade cried on the last day of school because she will miss her teacher so much. She has talked nonstop about how she wishes she could just stay in Kindergarten with Mrs. Lougy.

As for Brinley, she started the neurontin and (knock on wood) it seems to be working. She has been playing a lot more and only complained a few times of pain. Yesterday she started complaining about her back and threw up in the morning during her back pain. I got nervous that it was all coming back, then she perked up, and while the pain was still there, she played through it. She got a low fever, in the 100's, but it was short lived and went away in her sleep. The new medicine is apparently a gross one, she calls it her "rotten medicine" and has to take it 3x/day. But she is used to yucky medicine, so it is not too hard to get it down. It does has a side effect that is specific to children taking the medicine. And it happens to be aggression, and she happens to have gotten it. We have been calling her the Hulk because she gets so angry so quickly. She has been hitting, scratching, yelling, stomping her feet. One of the times she hit Mylee, which she has never done, and I was so mad at her. She got in BIG trouble. I yelled "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!" and immediately saw her face melt from anger to anguish. I wanted to take those words back. I grabbed her and held her and let her cry, then told her the medicine makes her feel so angry and that it is not really her. I know she is confused. I also told her she was not allowed to hurt people, no matter how angry she is, and will always be punished for hurting another person. So we are trying to find a happy medium for dealing with the side effects. It is a hard thing, but not unmanageable. She isn't out of control, just quick to be angry and aggressive.

Less than six months left.......this is the home stretch and it has proven to be very difficult, but we are making it and we are still in tact. I wish I could take credit, but I would be robbing God of His due recognition. He has stayed with us, and I know will never abandon us.


Anonymous said...

ok,now I know what's happening;) great pictures and great news...I just knew I should always check this blog before I call ♥♥ xoxox love to about answered prayers! xoxoxo