Has it really been 3 weeks since my last update! I have so much to say about....life, and just have been so busy....living....that I can't seem to get it down. I missed a couple of occasions where I badly wanted to blog, but just couldn't get the time so here's the mini version: Father's Day: I have the best husband and Dad in the whole wide world and I am oh so thankful for them! We need fathers just as much as we need mothers. Fourth of July: I love this country and give a big shout out to all those who serve to keep us safe and free!!!

How about an update.

Brinley has been thriving, so much so that I forget about the C word quite often. It resurfaces occasionally, like when she fell during our hike and hit her face hard, and my first thought was "I hope her platelets are still okay" and "how long would it take us to get off this trail and to a hospital?" But for the most part, we are living as normal human beings should be living, with normal bickering, laughing, time-outs, the works. And the best news of all, Brinley has been PAIN FREE for over 2 weeks. In fact, she is feeling so good, in just 3 weeks I have noticed a major change. Now, let me explain that before Brinley was diagnosed, she had a little meat on her bones. Her legs looked like this:

Within the first few months of her diagnosis, her legs quickly turned into this:

They have been that way for the whole time of her treatment. To some it may be a small change, but to me it was a daily reminder of cancer and what it can do, and chemo and the harsh reality of what it is doing to her body. So when I noticed these last couple weeks her legs are returning to their former shape, I just can't help the swelling in my chest, knowing that it is an indication that she is getting healthier. I know we are not through and she still has 5 more months left, and anything can happen in that time. Well, anything can happen with cancer in the years to come, but right here, right now, she is looking healthy. Her face is round, her arms have a little meat on them, she is running and jumping, taking swimming lessons, and very happy. No matter what happens in the coming weeks, if the pain comes back, I will be grateful for this period of time where everything felt normal.

We went to New Mexico, and aside from the heat, a fire at our hotel, a shattered window in our van, taking my phone for a dip in the pool (still hasn't been replaced), and a tough loss in the quarter finals for Taylor's team, we pulled it off without a hospital trip. That counts as a good trip, I suppose, although I don't think I'll ever go back :)

We came home, and turned right around to make a trip to Capitol Reef with my family. I love my beautiful state, there is so much to do outside. We hiked a 6 1/2 mile hike, and Jade even went and did it like a superstar. Taylor was visiting her Dad in Montana, and Mylee and Brin stayed at the hotel with G&G Hanks.

The next day Brinley got to go on a hike too...

It was a great time with the cousins.

We have had some good news and some bad news in the cancer circle I am in, and I am determined more than ever to shout to the rooftops the injustice of it all. There are kids suffering all over, that we cannot even begin to comprehend.

I am planning our lemonade stand and so excited (and stressed!) about it. I just can't wait to bring awareness to our community and raise funds for research. I heard some great news also from the organization CureSearch, where I am the team leader for Utah. They are bringing a walk here to Salt Lake next year!!!!!! That was such exciting news. We will be able to walk for our kids, our heroes, our survivors and our angels.

Thank you for checking in, sorry for the lack of updates, keep the prayers coming because we appreciate them so very much. We are doing great! Life is good!


Lidia said...

My belove Kristin, thanks very much for your post. It is beautiful and bring us to reflexion. I'm so happy for Brin. David

Stacy said...

Those leg shots were interesting. I am so glad she is doing so good! It's been so fun to be together so much lately!

Anonymous said...

:) :) ♥♥♥♥♥♥ xoxoxoxoxoxo what a beautiful family.....I am so glad you got to have some fun in our incredible state xoxoxo love you

Kandice said...

I am so HAPPY to see how well Brinley is doing right now! We'll see ya again this year at the lemonade stand!

Sole said...

This was so nice to read! I'm so glad life's been so much better for you guys and so thankful that Brin's been pain free! Love you guys!