To the port!! Tomorrow is Brinley's surgery to remove her port. I thought she would be sad, like she was when we pulled her broviac line and she cried like it was a part of her we were taking away. Nope, she is all smiles, because "then I can't get accessed anymore!" Tomorrow is also her first off-treatment check. So she will get a blood test to see her counts and look for cancer cells. She should also get an echocardiogram to make sure she does not have any heart damage from the chemo.

To be honest, today has been a worrisome day for me. There is always a worry when there is a surgery involved, but then I also worry about the cancer. It's not very logical, Brinley is feeling great still. I'm sure everything will go fine, I mean they have been checking for cancer cells for two years now, and haven't seen any yet!!

If you could just give Brin a shout out in your prayers tonight, it would be much appreciated!! Will update tomorrow.


Michelle said...

i have brain surgery tomorrow, 3rd in 24 months, and my Mom is nervous too. praying for your girl and peace for all of you.

Ali said...

Will do.

And Mylee looks like Brinley used to when this entire thing started. So crazy.

Anonymous said...

One more big strong girl day for you Brinley♥ And you too mom & are doing this!!!In the amazing way you have been doing the last 2 1\2 yrs.
Goodbye port, thank you for all you have done♥♥ xoxoxoxoxoxo

Briana said...

we'll be praying for her today! good luck!

and hooray for no more port!! :)