There is so much to update I'll have to do it in two parts. We had a wonderful holiday, the best ever. Here are some highlights:

We went to a rest home to do a musical performance, a new tradition for us, but my siblings have done it a few years while we lived in Vegas. It was wonderful, the kids loved it and the people there were so gracious and kind. You know how it can be when kids are performing, not always smooth sailing. It was so much fun though and I can't wait to do it again next year. I didn't get any good pics of the performance because we were videotaping it too, but here's one of Brinley meeting one of the people there.

The cousin party! All the cousins that live here get together each year and exchange gifts. One of the best parts of Christmas for the kids. They have so much fun together. In the picture, Mylee was scared and just cried and cried. She kept coming up to me not sure why people were kneeling on top of me. But check out the smiles of my two girls in the top left. Sorry Mylee, it was too fun to stop :) My brothers and sisters all married such great people and we love being with them. I just wish the ALL lived here...ahem...Matt and Jen.....

And the newest cousin was added to the family. Welcome little Brooklyn, and congrats to the NEW parents, Alissa and Craig. She is beautiful and I just want to eat her up. Seriously. Kinda creepy, I know.

The parties seemed endless, but we didn't want to miss any of them! We went to the HopeKids party and had a great time. You all know they are the best! Thank you HopeKids!

The next night we went to the BYU Children with Cancer Christmas Foundation. The feeling that is there is absolutely amazing. This is the man who started it, "on a wing and a prayer" 14 years ago, Mac Boyter.

Getting some knuckles from a BYU player, well he was trying to get knuckles, I'm not sure what Brinley was trying to do.
Taylor with one of the players.

We decided this will be our last year attending (long story with absolutely nothing negative in it....) and I was so sad this year to know we would not be there next year. I love them. I really love them for what they do. Our first year there, we were desperate. I mean desperate. They picked us up, gave us a hug and brought joy to a Christmas that could have been so bleak. They made it beautiful. Thank you CCCF.

Here is a picture of Brinley the first year we were there. She had just received chemo and was feeling awful.

We ended up in the ER that night.

Christmas Eve tradition #1, the Nativity. I've been doing that since I can remember. Everything went great until Mary delivered baby Jesus and Mylee realized that was HER baby they were trying to put in the manger. Things went downhill from there, but being the experienced mother that I am, I took the picture BEFORE we started because I knew it may not end well. Never take a picture at the end of an activity. Learned that the hard way.

Tradition #2 that I believe may very well be held by everyone and their dog: CHRISTMAS EVE PAJAMAS!! Here are the girls modeling their new PJ's.

On David's day off he built a snow fort with Jade. Let's just say she was in heaven.

There you have it, our holiday activities in a nutshell. More to come....


Carina said...

I love hearing about Christmas Traditions. Thanks for sharing. And tell those girls of yours that I must see their new PJ's at the Primary activity on Saturday!