Two posts in one today! First off, we had the most amazing experience fall into our laps! Jade started a karate class a few months ago, and one day the owner starts announcing that Jade's instructor, Madi, a high school senior, is doing a fundraiser for St. Bladrick's, an organization that raises funds for childhood cancer in a very unique way. You set a goal, raise money, and then shave.your.head. When they announced she was doing this particular fundraiser I was really excited because I know this organization to be one of the "good ones" for pediatric cancer. Unfortunately David and I weren't in a place to make a donation, but the kids all had allowance money they wanted to donate. So Brinley went to Madi and told her she had cancer and they gave her their allowance money. It was very sweet. One thing led to another, and the next thing you know we are on the news. Here is the link:

A high school senior! Shaving her head for kids with cancer. And she didn't even know one. Those are the kinds of people we need more of! What do I even say other than "wow." Amazing. She looks really awesome bald too. I do have to say she looks pretty cool in her black karate uniform with her head shaved. I wouldn't mess with her, that's for sure!

Next on the agenda: Washington DC. If you were following the blog last year you might remember me going to DC with CureSearch as the Utah Team Leader to lobby congress for funding for childhood cancer research. I'm going again. Tomorrow. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I will be meeting with our state representatives to tell our story, and the story of many other Utah children faced with cancer. Some are batting, some have won, and some have lost. All have suffered. And all need a voice.

Each of us in the childhood cancer community have a place. For some it is to tell a story. For some it is to support families. For some it is to be a voice. For some it is to move on, and that is okay too. I believe this is my place. To open my mouth and not close it until we have what we need. A promise of life to the most innocent of beings effected by cancer. How I wish I could do it all, but speaking out for these kids in the hopes of finding a cure is the direction I feel I am headed. I just need the strength to push through opposition and discouragement, because I know it will accompany me.

Speaking of accompanying me, this year my fellow cancer mom (Kaidan's mom) and friend Mystee is coming with me. She has put together the stories of almost 30 of our friends' whose children are facing or have faced this disease. She made a book for each of our representatives of the kids in their very own state affected by cancer. I pray that the right words will come to us as we represent those who can't be there to tell their stories.

I'll report as soon as I can. There will be Training Wednesday, rally Thursday morning and then meetings Thursday afternoon. Wish us luck!


Jennie said...

Yay for Curesearch! I signed up a team for Izzy and we are way excited. Thank you for being a voice for all of us!

Abby said...

Good luck Kristin! You will do awesome :)

Ali said...

Have a great will be so strong and so wonderful.

I've cried about 20 times today and that time it was finally for something happy, so thanks. You're the best.