Our inaugural CureSearch Walk in Salt Lake City was a HUGE success. I mean HUGE!! When we started committee meetings we set our goal at $50,000 (sounded almost out of reach) and 30 teams. Our team goal was 50 members and $500 (we weren't really fundraising since we have the Alex's Lemonade Stand coming up). Our team ended up with 66 members and $775! To those of you who joined our team, virtual or present, THANK YOU. Words will never express our gratitude. It was hot, yes. It was a few hours, yes. What you did, that small act (or not so small act) of showing up, or signing up from afar, showed not only us but cancer kids and families in our state that you care about them. You care about their pain, their suffering, their accomplishments, and their losses. Here is our report: Salt Lake City raised over $72,000, had over 40 teams, and 1400 walkers! I was so proud of my state. So very proud. It was an amazing day.

Here is Team Brinley minus a few, we should have taken a shot before the walk.

Brinley's best bud Grizzbee was there, of course! When she saw him she ran up to him and gave him a giant bear hug, no pun intended. We got to hang out with him a lot of the day. We love Grizzbee!!

David stayed up until 2am the night before making this shirt. It was totally worth it, I loved it.
This is Brinley saying hello to her friend Skyler.

Before the walk, they had an Opening Ceremony. They honored those who have lost their battle by a single white balloon released by each person representing a child/loved one lost to cancer. It was very touching and I couldn't stop the tears for these lost lives. Nick's mother was there, so soon after his passing, to represent him and remind me of why we fight.

Then they introduced our cancer fighters/survivors and gave them a metal. Brinley got to say her name in the microphone, to which she was asked how old she was. "Four and a half" was her response. She was then asked "when will you be five?" With all the confidence in the world, knowing she had the right answer, she said "on my birthday." We had a good laugh.

Here they are. The reasons we walk. How do I begin to tell you what these kids mean to me. They are our friends, we know many of them, but whether we know them or not, we are connected to each one of them in a way that is beyond my capacity to describe.

Our kids started out the walk for us, we walked about 1.5 miles, a very casual walk. There were so many people there walking. It was quite the sight.

This was our walk committee. Each one of us on a different road, but each one of us also intertwined in the world of childhood cancer. After the walk, we had a little "group hug" and I looked these ladies in the eyes and was overwhelmed with a sense of love and appreciation for each one of them. What an amazing blessing it is to know what is in their hearts without having to ask them, or have it described to me, because it was in my heart also. Salt Lake City did us proud. Thank you for caring.

Although the walk was a huge success, I have found myself in a difficult place. The night before the walk, one of my friends and neighbor sent me a text that her son's brain cancer had relapsed again, for the last time. There is no more the doctors can pull out of their sleeve for him. Many of us walked for him too. He was in my heart and mind, and has been ever since. They are going to Disneyland to make some memories before his symptoms set in and he is unable to enjoy things. This has weighted so heavy on my heart. Daniel is so special. He will soon have a baby brother, and he probably will not be able to meet him, not is this world at least. We brought him some gifts from our cancer mom's group, and he just kept saying "I'm so loved" as he opened each gift. He is right.

This is a time where I don't think my heart can be in this section of the world any longer. There is a place you feel stuck sometimes, a place somewhere between running away and fighting harder. The pain can be so debilitating, yet keep you going at the same time. I speak of my pain, but I can only imagine the pain in their hearts, knowing he will soon be gone from their loving arms. Now that is pain.

Some friends are having a bake sale for them to cover family expenses. If you would like to help them, please stop by. It would be nice if we could cushion a little of their burden this way.

Friday, July 15 3:00 - 8:00pm
LDS Church 7000 South 2700 West, West Jordan, UT

Again, thank you for reading. I know I have slowed down with writing, but we are still here. Brinley is doing wonderful and we are grateful for every day that our family is healthy and happy.


Jennie said...

How in the world do you do it? Your writing is so powerful. I can feel your passion when I read what you write. You're amazing Kristin! Thank you for putting the way I feel into words because most of the time I cannot describe it and when I do it's no where near the way you do it.

Much Love,


John Hanks said...

Wow. Now that I can see the screen through my tears, I just want to say how much I love and admire you, sweet daughter, Kristin, your rock of a husband, David, Sweet Sweet Brinley,her supporting and loving sisters Taylor, Jade and Mylee, and all your friends and supporters who rallied for this wonderful cause. You are truly making a difference. The white balloons just about did me in. Oops. The words are swimming again. You're all amazing.

Cervical Cancer said...

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