Has it really been this long since I have updated? We did not fall off the planet, but have been crazy busy with life, it's moving along so quickly! First off, I need to do a lemonade stand update....we ended up exceeding our goal!! There are still a couple donations that need to go through, but we are so happy with those amazing people who pulled through at the end to help us not only meet but exceed our goal. It is so touching to cross paths with such amazing, wonderful people.

One of those people, a new friend who lives literally ACROSS the country and whom I have never met has decided to do a fundraiser to help in a couple of different ways. I would love, love, love for this to be a great success and I am very excited about it. She is a Scentsy distributor (is that the right word? Oh, I don't know) and is going to call her fundraiser "Buddies for Brinley and Friends". Here's what it entails: if you go to her site at
www.meltingmoments.scentsy.us, you can
you can purchase a scentsy "buddy". The stuffed animals purchases will then be sent to me to deliver to the cancer kids at our hospital. NO WAIT, there's more...all her proceeds from the buddies will also be donated to one of our faves, HopeKids. HopeKids is an organization that provides ongoing activities, events, and support to children and their families dealing with a life-threatening illness. And well, we love them. So it's win-win. Donate a bear to a child with cancer, part of the money goes to help families dealing with a child with a life-threatening illness. I know, right?! So let's get this clear, because sometimes there is still something "in it" for the person doing the fundraiser, such as "you help me sell my product, and I will donate some of my proceeds to your cause". No, not this one. All of the bears, and all of her proceeds are being donated. Just wanted to be sure it is understood how great this is. I love people like this, I just love them. So what's in it for Cheryl? That warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with helping children who need it. Is there anything better than that? Nope, sure isn't.

If you have any questions or want to purchase a buddy, you can also contact her at mrsbess@yahoo.com. You can also purchase a buddy or make a donation through her paypal account at bess4420@yahoo.com also.

I am very excited about this, and so is Brinley! She loves her cancer friends so much.

I must post pictures soon, everyone is changing so much it is unbelievable. Brinley is doing wonderful. She is in Kindergarten and loving just being a normal kid. And we are loving it too.


Briana said...

Hooray!!! I'm so happy that you guys beat your goal. That has got to feel just great after all that hard work. Yay!