Is the year half over?? I can't even believe it.  I hear the older you get the faster time goes.  Time seems to slip right through my fingers, which is okay I suppose.  It seems the further away we get from Brinley's treatment the more it fades into just a bad memory, not a way of life, or something that defines our family.  We are adjusted to "normal" again, though we will never take it for granted.  This feel right finally, to do the things a family normally does.  We have been busy with life....

Taylor is busy with soccer, piano, and getting ready for 10th grade (YIKES!)

Jade loves karate and even got two second place and one third place metals at her last tournament. She is also in the choir and learning piano.

Brinley is busy being a normal 5 year old.  Playing dress up, holding baby chicks, going to kindergarten. Look at her long hair :)

Mylee is so old...she turned 3 in March so we don't have any babies any more.  Vacations just started sounding more fun!

Brinley gets checked every three months now at Primary's.  Every time she passes with flying colors! We did have a scare over Christmas and had to check her bone marrow because she had been sick a few weeks and then broke her arm (which was how she was diagnosed...uh...scary) but all was well and her marrow remains free from cancer.  We feel so blessed to be where we are, words can't express.

With summer coming up, it is time for us to prepare for our big September fundraiser.  After MUCH thought, anguish, and discussion, David and I have decided to put all our eggs in the CureSearch walk this year.  We will not be holding Sweet Brinley's Grand Stand.  It took months to decide because it is so close to our hearts.  It was so much fun, and we love Alex's Lemonade Stand so much.  When it was decided the CureSearch walk would be held in September David and I realized it accomplished the purpose we set out to accomplish with our Lemonade Stand.  A community event during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month that would raise funds and awareness of pediatric cancer.  It was our first year last year putting on the CureSearch walk, and it raised over $70,000!  In the beginning I was very sad to not hold our stand but this just feels like the right thing to do.  We love CureSearch too, it is the same organization I have lobbied with in DC and they are working towards the same goal.  So I am on the committee with some amazing, dear, cancer mom friends and we are STOKED!  This year is gonna be big. You will not want to miss it.

Oh.  Of course.  You are wondering what part you can play in all of this.  First off, you will want to join our team.  Today.  Right now.  Trust me.  There are prizes.  There are competitions.  You will be glad did it.  It is only $10/walker.  Sign your kids up too.  They are FREE!  And there will also be prizes for kids on Team Brinley!  We are trying to build our team early on so we can make it fun over the summer, so if you think you will be joining us, do it sooner rather than later so you don't miss out!  You can sign up here:

If you live out of state or know you will not be around for the walk, you can just donate to our team under the same link.  That would be awesome too :)  Or there is a "virtual walker" option as well.

Still skeptical?  Need a little more info?  I will be back in a few days with another post that has more information.  I didn't want to word vomit all over you just yet.  A little at a time...

Hope to see some new Team Brinley members this week!