David took Brinley to clinic today alone because I'm sick and didn't dare risk getting any of the cancer patients there sick too. She did really well, but her ANC plumetted, it's at 500 now. At the hospital last week it was 5000! So now I'm really nervous about her catching this virus with her immune system not working well. So we will not be able to take her places again.

She got sedated again for the chemo in her spine (LP), and David said it was the best one yet. She didn't wake up crying, and the anesthesiologist said she did great the whole time. That was good news. She will get a break from the LP's next week, and we won't even have to go to clinic. So we go back in 2 weeks and begin the new phase, i believe! Interim Maintenance is next. It seems like she is breezing through Consolidation so far, 2 more weeks!

As for the rest of us, Jade perked up a little today with the antibiotic started, and I am running a fever but trying to pretend I'm not sick. I don't want to be out for days, so I am trying to fake my body out. It's working a little bit, but I may have to enlist some of the other family members to do some of the cleaning today. Especially with her ANC so low, I need the house germ free. Good luck with that right?


John Hanks said...

Good luck and hang in there. You're all in our prayers, as always.

This is Dad Hanks, by the way, in case I usej the wrong ID. :)

David H said...

Thanks Matt! :)

Sara said...

Hang in there! We'll be praying for you! And congrats on having another girl:) 4 little girls...too cute!