The nurse called this morning and we have changed plans this week. I guess they are closed Thursday and Friday, so Brinley will not be able to get the chemo on Friday. So they want to shoot for Wednesday if her counts are back up. I don't anticipate that they will be, but it's hard to tell. Her counts are either still dropping or on their way back up, so they will do a CBC tomorrow to see where she is, and if she is above 500 ANC, she will get her chemo Wednesday. Also, since she is borderline on her hematocrit (red blood cells) for a transfusion, they may want to do a whole blood transfusion tomorrow or Wednesday. The nurse thinks her hematocrit may still be going down since she was low when they gave her the chemo in the first place. We may have a couple hospital trips this week, hopefully no fever visits! She has a runny nose today, if she has a virus that would explain the low ANC. She still seems to be feeling fine, but she is irritable and quite pale.


Ashley said...

We love you guys and you're in our prayers.