Brinley got her CBC this morning to see if she can get chemo tomorrow. Her ANC went down to 200, so she will not get the mexotrethate, but they do want to give her the vincristine. So we'll go in tomorrow for that. Her red blood went up from 24 to 25, so she won't get a transfusion today unless we notice major changes in her. She's not feeling so great today. Her eyes are all red and puffy, she has a runny nose, and she is hovering around 99 temp, so we are praying no fevers come now to land her in the hospital over the holiday week. Other than that, no new news.


Stacy said...

Bummer. That stinks. I hope the cold doesn't hang on too long and I will be praying for no fevers. Give her a kiss for me - she is such a sweetie.