Brinley went to get her chemo today. She did fine. Her ANC is very low, at 300, so we have to be very careful. I always get nervous with a low ANC. Brinley is very tired today. Wouldn't you know it, the night I needed sleep desperately she was crying until 3AM. I have no idea why. She just wanted to be rocked, the minute I put her back in her bed she would cry again. David was still at work trying to finish a project, so needless to say it was a very long night for the three of us. So after chemo, Brinley was worn out, her little eyes looked so tired tonight. It has been a hard couple of days. What I wouldn't give to have a double, so I could just crawl into my bed and sleep while someone was taking care of everything else.

Now for the fun news. Taylor, Jade and I get to go to Vegas tomorrow for the weekend! Taylor has a soccer tournament and we aren't comfortable with Brinley being away from the hospital, so since David took the girls last tournament, I get to do it this time. I'm really excited to have a little break. It should be good for us girls, although it will probably be tough on poor David! Brinley has been very draining, I can't even begin to describe. So unless David is planning on doing some updates while I'm gone, you probably won't hear from us until Monday or Tuesday, woo hoo! I will miss them though, I wish we could go back to the days when we could stick together as a family instead of one of us always having to stay home. Hopefully I will come back a little refreshed, because I am truly beat. Have a great weekend!


Stacy said...

Have a great time in Vegas, Kristin. I hope you get some much needed sleep. And poor Brin - I hope she does better this weekend. Give her lots of hugs from the Hanks!

John Hanks said...

Come on down. The sun is shining and grass us green! Cudos to David for taking Brinley solo for the weekend. I hope it's not too rough. But you're a great Dad. Kristin will be back before you know it.