Let me try this again, I'm feeling much better, I think the iron supplements are helping and my body was just screaming for some attention this last week! So I'll do a retake of my earlier post now that I'm feeling better.

This has been a hard year, I won't take that back. It's been so so hard. But I have never felt so blessed in my life, and we have had so many good things this year.

This year, David's job loss led us here to Salt Lake, and this is where we are supposed to be. We love it here, and Brinley is in good hands with her doctors. DUH! Blessing in disguise.....David loves his new job and is so happy there.

This year, we have been surrounded by amazing people who are taking care of us, even though both of our parents are in Las Vegas. The world is a good place to live in. I have learned to never take this life for granted, even when I am frustrated and discouraged, to be alive is a blessing. I know that and will never forget it. I have learned to never take my children for granted. Every breath they take, every beat of their heart, tells me they are alive, and here with me to share this life and make it more joyful. The other day Jade wanted me to feel her heartbeat, and I was overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude for life, for the blood running through her veins, for the miracle of the human body, and I knew that every breath we take here on earth is a blessing given from a loving Heavenly Father. How many breaths is that in the last year?? Lots of blessings.....every second I get to spend with my family is precious. Every time we laugh together, or cry together, or hurt together, that is a blessing.

This year we found out how fragile life is, and how quickly things can change. How we had taken these things for granted! We discovered that life is much more simple than we had thought. We found out what was important to us. I no longer care what kind of car I drive, or how fancy my house is decorated, or whether or not we can afford to go to Hawaii. I care about how much we laugh together, play together, and pray together, how often we hug and say I love you, and whether or not my kids are happy. I remember posting that our family was coming apart at the seams during the first month. Now I see how we are stronger, and although there are moments where we FEEL like things are still falling apart, the overall picture is more visible, and we see our family strengthening in ways we couldn't have imagined.

This year, we have seen a world of compassion, and goodness, and charity.

This year we have sought out comfort from the Lord, and received it in abundance. Through scriptures, hymns, prayer, other people, I have received the comfort I have asked for, and then some. I remember when one of the apostles from our church passed away recently, Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, and it was right after he had given a talk at conference that was meant for me. I can't help but think that Heavenly Father kept him on this earth long enough to give me that message. Here's a link if you want to listen to it: Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin. It helped me so much. It was titled "Come What May and Love it". I don't know what this next year will bring for us, but I have to say "come what may." We'll get through it, whatever it is. It's amazing how faith can replace fear, suddenly it doesn't matter what happens, because I know there is a purpose for everything. WHATEVER happens, even if it's not what I'm asking for, it's OKAY. Because the Lord is in my life and I know without a doubt that He has a plan, that He sent his Son, not only the Savior of the World, but also my personal Savior, so that He could take away our pain and suffering.

I can't begin to tell you the spiritual experiences I have had, most of them too personal to share. So has this year been hard? Yes. It has. Has this year been good? Yes. It has. It has been both. And so will next year. Happy New Year!


Stacy said...

Thanks Kristin.

Marion said...

There's our strong Kristin. Bravo! And welcome back!!!

Ana said...

Happy new year!!!