Well, I was asked about the other two kiddos yesterday, so I will give you an update on how they are doing!!

Taylor is really doing great. With no hospital drama and things calm around the house, we have been able to spend a lot of time with her. It's so nice to feel like normal parents who give their kids equal attention! She just got her report card and got straight A's! She was quite proud of herself for bringing up the one class keeping her from straight A's. She is so excited to start junior high, but that excitement stops with her. I'm not so thrilled about it. She's getting so old so fast. Her passion is still soccer and she can't wait until she can start playing in regular outdoor season again. She just yesterday discovered that she would like to learn about photography and was home sick from school with a cold, so she spent the entire day snapping pics of all of us. She actually got some pretty good ones, maybe I'll post a couple! It was fun to watch her be creative with different poses. I might see if they have a class at the rec center or something. I feel so blessed to have her. She has worked extra hard to be pleasant, and we all remember when our hormones were changing, that was not an easy feat. She is patient and loving to her sisters and is growing into a lovely young lady. It's fun to watch her change. And sad :(

Jade is on our worry list right now. I haven't mentioned it much because I am trying my very hardest to not overreact, but she has been not right for 2 months now. She has had a nonstop low fever the entire time and we have been in and out of the doctors trying to figure this out. It is a very long story, but the short version is she is either catching one virus after another that has her constantly with a fever, or something that is more serious. Yesterday she had an ear infection when we went in, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief, that would at least explain the fever for the moment. But her ears have been clear the other 3 times we have been during the fevers. Sooooo, basically, the pediatrician (LOVE HIM) is checking everything. He said it could very well be that she just happens to have caught one thing after another for 2 months, but he is still a bit worried. He wants answers almost as bad a we do. So David was down at Primary's with Jade today getting several tests done. He ordered a whole skeletal x-ray (she says her bones hurt, and he remembers very well me coming in with Brinley a few times right before diagnosis with limping, so he's not taking any chances there!), a chest x-ray, and more blood work. She is on an antibiotic now and I am supposed to track her temp 2-3 times a day to see if it goes away on the antibiotic. I hope to know more the next couple days, in the meantime I will not tell you where our minds are wandering on this one, but please pray it is just a string of viruses. If her fever does not go away with the antibiotics, our doc will refer us to infectious disease at the hospital to run the many tests that they would run. See what I'm saying? The mind goes a little crazy once you've hit the medical lottery once. Otherwise, she is okay, still struggling emotionally. I think this has been very hard on her. I always thought of myself as a good mother that generally knew how to handle things, but this is a whole new ballgame for me, and I am having a hard time balancing discipline with compassion for what she is feeling. At times when she is out of control, if I just grab her and hug her, she will melt and just cry in my arms. It breaks my heart. I love my Jade, she is so sensitive and tender and sweet. And stubborn. Please pray for David and I that we will know how to deal with this the best way possible for her. She is excited to start kindergarten and loves her pre-school class now. I wish we could take her teacher with us, she is amazing. I want to sign her up for something else fun, but it is so hard to know when it is a good time to busy up again. Things are so up in the air right now with a baby coming in a couple weeks and Brinley just starting maintenance. I don't want to overbook us just because things have been well for a few weeks. But Taylor is in several things, so it is only fair for Jade to get some stuff going too! I just don't have to stay with Taylor at her activities, it makes it much easier to just drop off when Brinley can't be around others. One cute thing about Jade, she is so excited for this baby. She asks every day if the baby is coming out today. She's trying to understand how it all works, it's interesting trying to explain childbirth to a 4 year old! She walks around the house with a baby tucked under her shirt saying "my baby is coming out! My baby is coming out!" Very cute. I'm hoping this will be good therapy for her, she can be my big helper.

There you have it, an update on my other two sweeties! I'll post some picture later when my computer savvy husband gets home!


Michelle Riggs said...

praying like crazy!

Ashley said...

Way to go TAY! I never got straight A's.
Sweet little Jadey. I think you're right, a baby will give her something to be excited about and something to help with.
Thanks for the update.