We are getting ready for a lot of things right now! Brinley starts long term maintenance tomorrow! And steroids, yuck. Five days of them. Jade sees Dr. Ryan tomorrow, we will see what he says about this weird "viral" thing. My mom comes in town tomorrow, and my brother Matt and his wife Jen are in town for the weekend too. We are getting ready for baby #4. Marley, maybe Malia, we will see what she looks like to decide on a name. After all the doctors tomorrow, I am hoping to actually have a chance to get excited about this baby. All I can think of now is don't come yet!! Once Saturday hits, I will be SOOO ready, I am so uncomfortable and tired. Hopefully nothing eventful will happen to cheat us out of this happy time with our new baby.
Everyone is doing pretty well. Brinley's counts are GREAT so we have had a really good day without as much worry. It's funny how much more normal things feel when I know her counts are good. We went to the mall and I let her play on the dinosaur play area. She loved it, and I loved watching all the kids around us play and being able to be a part of it. It was great.
Jade is still the same with fever and stuff, once this goes away I will REALLY breathe a full sigh of relief. Right now I'm still kind of holding my breath until it goes away, surely it is because I am no longer oblivious to how quickly and unexpectedly things can turn into something serious. It will all be fine, I just want it gone.
Taylor is doing great, she has federation for piano this weekend, another thing I don't want to miss if I go into labor, so I guess Saturday afternoon would actually be the time we'll be ready. She is getting busy again with soccer, the outdoor season starts next week.
All in all, we couldn't ask for more. I am always so happy when things feel normal (aside from the 9 months pregnant and physically miserable :))
So here we are, lots of getting ready to do!!!

One more thing about Brinley, this has been her longest break from chemo since she started. It has been wonderful. I noticed her legs are getting a little substance to them and she feels heavier when I pick her up. She is not eating any different, so I really think the chemo slows down her growth. The nutritionist said it does, and I believe her, it is just interesting to actually watch it for myself. She has been so happy. Although it is a little scary to know she isn't getting any chemo, it has also been a blessing to be reminded of life without chemo.


Marion said...

Hurray for "normal" for awhile!

John Hanks said...

So glad things are going well. It is nice to hear. Can't wait for the new baby....this weekend!!

P.S. Dad's coming, too. :)

LaAna said...

What little miracles can do for the soul. I can feel you joy in the normalcy of events and couldn't be happier for you and your family. Live it up and have fun this weekend with all those who love and support you. Answered prayers are such continued blessings!

Kristin said...

Awwww, Dad, sorry! Of course Daddy is coming too!! Just not for as long :(