Brinley got a fever yesterday after the LP, she was 101.5, so David took her to the ER. They were there until 2 am, 7 hours, and finally released. She was quite sick after yesterday's procedure, vomiting and lethargic. Since her ANC was still pretty high, they finally let her go home, but it took so long. The ER was packed, David said there were people waiting down the hall. Thankfully they always get Brinley into a room right away so she doesn't have to be exposed to all the germs, but we still wait as long, just in our own room. It was frustrating, they finally determined it was because of the LP, they said her neutrophils were really high, and the oncologist said the body can release neutrophils when it is under stress, so they came to the conclusion that her body had the extra stress from all the pokes and she would recover fine at home. I was glad, I really didn't want her admitted, but I knew she looked pretty bad yesterday, so I was expecting it. Today she is feeling much better. The fever is gone and no more vomiting. Glad for that! The NP who did the procedure yesterday will not be doing it again on Brinley.

Bummer timing though, my family had planned a little shower/get together for us and David had to miss it. I still went, but I wished he could have gone. Needless to say he is very tired, so is Brinley.